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Build a Website or an E-Business, by using the awesome Solo Build It software that I am using for this site, and you could open your life to a new world this year! I sure did! It’s a world where alarm clocks and bosses, especially bad ones, don’t exist.

You can work when and where you want, and put your family first! You can work for yourself, rather than an hourly wage with a salary ceiling, by developing Passive Streams of Income. The sky is the limit!

Build a Website with SBI or Solo-Build-it!

Learn how to create multiple passive income streams!

The Biggest Mistake People Make in Life, is NOT Making a Living at Doing What They Most Enjoy!
~ Malcom S. Forbes (1919-1990)


Would YOU Like to Work At Home?

Working at Home is fantastic, and benefits many different kinds of people! Whether you have children at home and want to be a WHAM (Work at Home Mom), are a single parent, are retired, are disabled, currently unemployed, or you just want a 2nd income stream to increase your savings and reduce your debt, you can accomplish your goals using SBI.

One lesson that Covid-19 should have taught everyone, is that the more income streams that you have, the better off you will be! 

What is SBI?

What is Solo Build It, or SBI? Find out more here and sign up!

What is an E-Business?

What is the difference between having a Blog, Website, and having an E-Business?

Build a Website with SBI or Solo-Build-it! Learn how to create multiple passive income streams!

Can I Succeed Online?

I laughed on Black Friday with people bragging about how much they had saved. I saved 100%. How? By staying home, and not spending to save!!

The question...Can I Succeed Online? is similar in a way. You can't succeed if you don't try! SBI costs less than $1.00/day, and has a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, so nothing to lose! And they have a proven track record of results!

Advance Confidently in the Direction of YOUR Dreams!
~ H.D.Thoreau


What About Results?

It's easy to claim success! What about results?

Here is the direct link to the SBI Results page. I spent hours pouring through the different sites initially looking for inspiration from these successful sites!

There is no trying. There is only doing, or not doing!


If YOU have a Goal, Failure is Impossible!


A More In Depth Look at SBI

SBI is designed for beginners (those without web design experience) and those with existing web design experience, and has written and video instructions broken down into a 10 day plan called "The Action Guide" which will walk you through the process of creating an E-Business from researching keywords and a domain name, to building traffic, and monetizing your site.

SBI has been a must for me, because I am not a trained website designer, and have very little computer experience. I had a passion that I wanted to share with the world, but I did not have the expertise to get the message out. My husband recommended taking an HTML class to learn what I needed to know. I wanted my website done tomorrow, because I am impatient. SBI allowed me to quickly learn their block builder system, and get my website up and running.

I had a basic curriculum, that I had already developed, so my site ranked well from the start. Letting SBI do some of the work, freed me up to write more content, and start Twitter and Facebook pages where I have a faithful following at this time. I am currently working to add passive streams of income to my site. Websites will not make you rich overnight, but I am in this for the long haul. I have had such an enjoyable year, and loved every minute of working at home and scheduling work around life!

My sister and her daughter took advantage of an SBI 2-1 deal in 2010! It’s been fun working together on our separate projects this year. We help each other out, and bounce ideas off of one another! In a funny way, SBI has helped us become a closer family!

What are you waiting for? What is your dream?
SBI can get you there too!

Own YOUR Business, and YOU own YOUR Life!


The short video below gives you a brief overview of the process.

For a longer video, you can watch this 30 minute Solo Build It! Video Tour that will visually communicate the power of SBI. You'll come away with a solid understanding of what SBI is, does, and what it can do for you!

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