Healthy Kids

As parents, you all want to raise healthy kids, that are emotionally secure, confident, smart, good looking, with great self image, and that make good choices. It’s up to you to help your kids develop these skills. If you are not involved, they will learn from their peers, which is scary!

You can raise your kids by over-scheduling their time with outside activities, so you live a whirlwind existence, driving from place to place. I see that happening everywhere I turn, soccer mom, have mini-van, and will travel. The other choice is, to slow life down, limit these activities, teach balance, and take on the development of your kids yourselves. No choice in my opinion as to which option is best!

My Niece, Amanda (from 2005)

Think About it.....

  • No one loves your kids like you do

  • No one understands everything about them like you do

  • No one is willing to go the extra mile with them like you will

  • No one cares about their character development like you do

Tips to Incorporate

I home-schooled both of my kids until they were in high school, so I have walked my talk! I wanted to share a few of my ideas on how to incorporate:

  • Wii Fitness Games - a Wii Fit can be a fun family activity! Kids love to play games, and a Wii Fit will get them moving while they do so! A Wii Fit Plus is recommended as the option for kids.

Healthy Kids - Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

My nephew Ryan and his family, all supporting the youngest, Amelia!


As parents, for the sake of your children's health, you are in the best position to teach these skills to your kids, because you see them daily. As you work together on healthy diet habits, healthy cooking and meal planning, and character development, you will find yourself bonding with your kids in a new way.

Many conversation opportunities will open up that would be lost, if you just over scheduled your kids! Spending quality time with your kids is the best Lifestyle Solution of all time!

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