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Weight Loss is Complicated! Diets have tried to dumb it down! Eat this and lose. They have failed because its not just about what you eat, but how, what, when, why, where, what day, who, and any other W you can think of. Its about making Lifestyle Changes! This might require some big changes, starting with your thinkingemotional eatingmindless eatingstress eatingdealing with cravings, fixing your sleep, or anything that impacts why you eat.

Granola with blueberries and yogurt!

Most of you do not eat from hunger alone. Its about figuring out your specific reasons for overeating, and developing strategies to overcome them. Strategy trumps will power any day of the week! Only then can you be successful long term! You might lose weight with the latest diet, but the long term success rate is less than 5%! Youve not been given the proper tools to stand up and fight! There are so many healthy diet habit tips that can shave 500 calories from your diet and bring weight loss. This is a slow methodical process!

Its hard to just jump right into healthy eating without knowing what you are doing! Lifestyle Solutions are the opposite of diets! Re-education is a must for success! You must take a look at your personal life, what you love to eat, and how you use food in your life. Then, develop a new way of dealing with food, without deprivation. Its a process that involves learning to eat for health, but keeping your favorite foods in your life, unless it is a trigger food, in which case you might box it out! Its not a complicated diet menu, but learning to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your meals.

You might even need to learn to become a scratch cook to avoid that fast food habit! Each of you is different! Each will have different weaknesses to work through! Its all about figuring out your unhealthy diet habits and turning them into healthy diet habits through lifestyle solutions! There is no one size fits all plan because no two people are even remotely alike!

The Lifestyle Solutions Model

The Lifestyle Solution Model is a process of learning and implementing new habits. The simplified process is:

Lifestyle solutions are for life. They are about practical, healthy eating most of the time! There is no perfection out there and no one should ever miss out on wedding cake! Its all about learning to navigate to world of food, that has invaded every aspect of your environment, and designing a simple practical plan the will bring you weight loss success!

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