Spring Weight Loss Tips

These Spring weight loss tips can give you a head start on looking great for summer! Spring is the time of year when the gloomy days of winter are transitioning to the sunny days of summer. There could still be cold, dark days to come, but many brighter days are appearing. Those days bring with them the desire to be outside.

Spring Weight Loss Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

Grab your tennis shoes and squeeze in a thirty minute walk to help with losing those winter pounds that slowly crept on. You were able to keep them hidden by thick winter clothing, but summer clothes are not forgiving and show every added pound. Not to worry, there is still plenty of time to lose a few pounds before summer without dieting!

Some Spring Weight Loss Tips to Follow:

Spring Weight Loss Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

  • Get out and Garden: Turning the soil, raking, and all of the spring clean up in your garden, is a great way to use muscles that have rested all winter. There is something magical about collecting dinner at a later date that makes this activity so worthwhile!

Spring Weight Loss Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

  • Get into salads, salads, salads! Salads are filling, full of fiber, and keep you satisfied and are a great weight loss tool, if done right. Purchase a set of large mouth ball canning jars and turn your nightly leftovers into your next day lunch salad. Simply place the dressing on the bottom, hard veggies next, and your lettuce or greens on the top where they don't touch the dressing. No one wants to eat slimy lettuce. This lunch idea will save you calories and money and end the fast food habit. (Checkout my Super Salad Meal Chart for ideas!)

  • Weigh yourself often is the most helpful spring weight loss tip. Many of you are fearful of stepping on the scale. Your clothes are tight after little winter exercise, but the scale is your friend. Avoiding it will not change your weight, so take a deep breath and step on it. Use that number to motivate you to change. Simple diet goals can help.

Spring Weight Loss Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

  • Check out local Farmer's Markets in your area and choose one that has a market day and time that will fit your life. It is a wonderful treat to choose produce that is freshly picked. Most vendors will give you information on their farming practices and are very pleasant! The party atmosphere of most Farmer's Markets, make it a family fun weekly activity and a great spring weight loss tip to adopt!

  • Join a local CSA. This is a Farm co-op where you pay a certain amount upfront and benefit from a produce box each week, according to what is in season. Pros are that you will be given lots of new produce to try each week that you might not have tried before. The cons are that you might not know what to do with this produce, and waste some of it. You also might not get the amount of the produce that you really love. It is easy though to collect your fresh produce each week, and you know exactly where it came from, how it was farmed, and if those practices match with your health standards.

Spring Weight Loss Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

Pictured above: My Chicken Curry Recipe

  • Try following the Mediterranean Diet for healthy eating, which encourages filling up on fruits and vegetables, healthy grains, nuts and seeds, and less meat. Processed foods and red meat are greatly limited. The more you can eliminate processed, sugary foods, the greater your chance of reaching a healthy weight, because you will be satisfied and not craving more processed foods.

  • Look for activities that encourage movement and add them to your lifestyle. Sitting behind your computer screen, television screen, tablet screen, or any screen you can envision, often encourages mindless eating which leads to extra pounds. Turning the screens off, and getting out, can end the snack habit and speed up your metabolism that had been turned down all winter.


These 7 simple spring weight loss tips can help you to lose the winter weight that snuck on. Don't be lured into the latest greatest diet for quick weight loss. Adopt healthy diet habits and make these lifestyle solutions to your unhealthy diet habits. You might be surprised when you try on your summer clothing and they are not tight this year! Small changes work!

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