Farmers Market

A Farmers Market is springing up in almost every community these days! They are a healthy Lifestyle Solution for the freshest foods available. It is a wonderful healthy diet habit to purchase fresh grown veggies, fruits, and other food items.


Farmers Market

Benefits of Shopping at a Farmers Market

You only have to visit one time to know the reasons for the success of these markets:

  • You are able to find foods that simply are not available in your local grocery store. Who even knew that cauliflower could be purple, orange, green and not just white?

  • You are able to make amazingly fresh meals with your finds. Fresh food that has not traveled long distances tastes better and lasts longer, because it is fresher.

  • You are able to purchase fresh organic produce. You can talk to the specific farmers about their processes.

  • It is fun to support your local economy and see friends you might otherwise not see!

  • You can purchase fresh bread and many other homemade food products.

  • You can purchase wonderful lunches of farm fresh foods. Fast food farm style!

  • You can listen to great music because many farmers markets include music and festivals throughout the season.

  • You can buy fun gifts.

  • You can treat yourself to a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

  • You can sample new products and decide if you like them before you buy them.

  • You are supporting your local farmers.

Farmers Market

For a listing of some local markets in the Seattle area, near where I live, check out:

  • King County Farmers Markets

  • Whatcom, Skagit and Snohomish Farmers Markets

  • Pierce and Olympic Peninsula Farmers Markets


Visit the different markets in your area to determine which day works best, and which vendors offer the products that you enjoy! It is wonderful to just walk around and see fresh real foods, rather than food that comes in boxes, bags or containers!

It is a healthy diet habit to eat real food! Thank you to all of the farmers, who serve us, by growing healthy foods! 

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