In life, your thoughts can get you into trouble. An action or behavior is preceded by a feeling, which is preceded by a thought. You have thought about each action that you’ve done in life.


Your actions originate in your brain, is another way of saying it. You might be aware of these thoughts, but you might not be either. To further complicate the equation, there are so many variables and triggers that affect your thought life. It’s complicated!

Your thoughts affect your weight, and whether you will be successful in the action, of weight control, or weight loss. If that is true, to develop Lifestyle Solutions in weight control, you must first understand:

  • Thoughts and Eating: Our thoughts and eating, is where most of us get into trouble! The trick is to learn to recognize sabotaging thoughts and replace them with helpful thoughts. Our thinking is the place to begin!

  • Food Thinking Mistakes: There are many common food thinking mistakes that cause us trouble when we are learning to deal with food in our lives, and develop healthy diet habits.

  • Food Baby Talk: Food baby talk is how we talk to ourselves to justify eating something that we know we should not. Many of us need to grow up in this one area of our lives.

  • Food Thinking Solutions: There are solutions to your food thinking problems. Learn ways to correct your thinking. Thoughts can be identified and changed.


Understanding your thoughts, will help you in developing Healthy Diet Habits, and Lifestyle Solutions for weight control. To lose weight, you might need to first, train your brain!

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