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Poor Food Habits are harmful in weight control. Habits are defined as recurrent, often unconscious patterns of behavior, acquired through frequent repetition. It is interesting that many of us fail at dieting because we change our foods, but not the behaviors that got us into trouble.

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Successful weight loss may be about developing new healthy diet habits through conscious patterns of behavior that we repeat frequently, until they become unconscious! It takes an average of one month of practice to develop a new pattern of eating.

Are you a mindless eater? I believe that you eat without thinking in many situations. This has got to change!

Are you an emotional eater? I believe that you started eating for emotional reasons, but learned a pattern of behavior that you practice regularly when emotions hit. Might need to change that also!

Are you a meat and potatoes person? I believe you learned poor food choices. You could add a huge salad and a veggie! You could learn to eat for health!

Do you eat most of your meals at Fast Food? I believe you might need to take a cooking class and learn to cook. You might be surprised at how wonderful real food tastes!

Do you rarely eat fruits and veggies? I believe you might need to rate your plate, and follow the half plate rule. Such a simple tip to follow!

Are you a night time eater? I believe you may need to increase your daytime eating. You might find your hunger gone, and be amazed!

Fruits and Veggies

We could play this game all day, because there are so many reasons that you eat, but ultimately food problems that you practice over and over again become poor food habits. You must identify and solve them. I have provided many tips that will help you in the Lifestyle Solutions section. In this section, we will identify many of the top problems that will bring you down, and offer some solutions. We will talk about:

There are many Lifestyle Solutions that will help you develop healthy diet habits.

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