Night Time Eater

night time eater, eats the majority of their calories in the evening. This could be for many reasons. This unhealthy diet habit could be intentional, because you are trying to diet, and believe skipping meals saves you calories, or unintentional, because you are just busy during the day and do not take time to eat. Many yo-yo dieters practice this food habit. They try to eat tiny meals during the day, but then their body goes into severe hunger mode, and begins sending out powerful cravings. They eat dinner and then eat on and off until bedtime. This is an unhealthy diet habit that must end!

A night time eater, eats the majority of their calories in the evening. Info/Tips from Healthy Diet Habits on ending this Unhealthy Diet Habit!

Calories that are overeaten in a short period of time will turn into fat. Your skipped daytime calories will not give you the ability to overeat in a small period of time at night, when your metabolism is possibly lower. They are a lost eating opportunity because your body works on a "use it or store it" system! Total calorie count for the day might have been within your calorie maintenance level, but because it was eaten in such a small time period and not needed, was stored as fat.


Lifestyle Solutions to end the unhealthy diet habit of Night time eating will require:

  • Developing a healthy meal plan during the day. Go to the meal planning chart, after you have figured your maintenance calories. Fill out the chart to include three meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and at least an afternoon snack. A Healthy Breakfast may be difficult at first, because overeating at night cuts your morning hunger. Stick with it, and in a few days your morning hunger should return, or just eat a small breakfast. Breakfast eaters consume fewer calories during the day, so this is critical.

  • I would probably recommend an after dinner treat, because it will help you to not feel deprived. I would encourage you to clean out your junk food stash. Get rid of junk and do not purchase more. It is much easier to pass your unhealthy snacks in the store, in the daytime, than at night, in your home, when you are on the prowl! Plan healthy snacks instead, or a nice cup of hot tea, which is soothing.

  • Make sure that your eating is spread out fairly consistently throughout the day. If you eat fairly healthy meals full of vegetables and fruit, and decrease your processed food and carbohydrate snacking, and fill up on fiber and lean protein, your food cravings should decrease fairly quickly. Your body will be satisfied with the daily meals. Your calories will be there when your metabolism needs fueling, and you should feel better and have more energy. A winning combination!

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    The healthy diet habit rather than night time eating is: eat healthy daytime meals and healthy snacks. Eat when the sun shines!

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