Simple Healthy Eating

You need to practice Simple Healthy Eating long-term to be successful at Weight Control. I really like the book “Lose It for Life” by Stephen Arterburn, M. Ed. He has many great points in his book and workbook dealing with eating.

Simple Healthy Eating Tips by Healthy Diet Habits

Just a note: This book is written from the point of view of Letting God help you to develop a whole new approach to life, and to living healthy. Stephen Arterburn, is the founder of New Life Ministries, and also the Founder of the Women of Faith conferences, and has written over 50 books.

Stephen states, “Four separate verbs make up our overall strategy for healthy eating: reduce, increase, substitute, and eliminate, forming the acronym R.I.S.E.”. I really like this strategy for healthy eating. It is a very simple concept. I have filled in some of the areas, but each of you could fill in the foods you need to reduce, increase, substitute, or eliminate.


Simple Healthy Eating Tips by Healthy Diet Habits





Simple Healthy Eating Tips

This RISE system, offers a very simple way to include healthy diet habits into your life. You may start with a food in the reduce column, then find a substitution for it, and then later move it to the eliminate column. It is just a way to help you develop your food policies for lifestyle solutions!

Note: You can use the “R.I.S.E.” acronym to develop strategies for emotional eatingmindless eating, or to change to your eating habits!

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