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Have you ever heard of Calorie counts per pound? Some foods per pound are almost as caloric as eating straight butter per pound! That is something none of us would do! Yet we do quite frequently, we just don't know it!

Check out the following chart for your offenders! It should not surprise you that real foods are much less caloric per pound, than processed foods!

Calorie counts of foods per pound clearly show that real foods are much less caloric per pound than processed foods!

Your stomach can hold between 3 and 4 pounds of food per day. It does not care about the choices you make, it just likes to feel full.

  • You could fill it with 4 pounds of potato chips and it would be happy, but it would cost you over 10,000 calories. Potato chips are one of the food items comparable to butter! Not a good choice.

  • You could fill it with fruits, veggies, dairy, grains, legumes, and lean meat and it would be just as happy.

healthy diet habit is to eat 3 to 4 pounds of real foods per day. A lifestyle solution would be to limit eating processed foods because they cost too much, calorically! The creativity comes in adding in just enough of your favorites to keep you happy!




65 to 195

Fresh Fruits

135 to 420

Nonfat dairy foods

180 to 450

Potatoes, pastas, brown rice, sweet potatoes, corn, hot cereals

280 to 650

Legumes: peas and beans, such as pinto, garbanzo, black and lentils

400 to 750

Seafood, lean poultry, lean red meat

400 to 870

Dried fruit, jams, fat-free muffins, and all breads, including sourdough rolls, bagels, pita breads, and baguettes

1200 to 1400

Dry cereal, pretzels, fat-free cookies, fat-free potato chips

1600 to 1780

Regular salad dressing

1800 to 2000

Chocolate bars, croissants, doughnuts

2200 to 2500

Nuts, regular potato chips

2500 to 3000

Butter, margarine


Olive oil, corn oil, lard


*From The Pritikin Edge by Robert A. Vogel and Paul Tager Lehr


Calorie counts of foods per pound clearly show that real foods are much less caloric per pound than processed foods!

My motto has always been, the more you know, the more you can eat! Be a Learner! Think twice before you down a bag of potato chips or nuts, and choose healthier foods that have lesser calorie counts per pound, that is real foods over processed ones!

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