Dieting is a multi-million dollar business in the United States. Many of us are Yo-Yo Dieters. We are on and off of diets consistently. Millions of us are searching for the latest greatest diet.

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We start a new diet on Mondays, and might do fairly well through the week, but it’s over by Friday when we begin our weekend festivities that center on food. (See 8 Tips to Avoid Weekend Overeating!) We watched our mothers do this. We believe it is just what we do! Dieting says that if you follow the diet rules and practice willpower, you will be successful.

Let’s begin by looking at several aspects of dieting such as:

  • Diet Goals - What are YOUR Diet Goals? The diet goals process MUST BE doable! Break it down and develop a path to get there that includes actions that are attainable!

  • Diet Mentality - A “Diet Mentality” is all about weight! It is not about developing “Lifestyle Solutions”, or "Healthy Diet Habits" to keep our weight on track. Find out if you have a diet mentality?

  • Diet Statistics Diet statistics show that most women are "delusional", when they rate their eating habits somewhere between "really good", and "pretty good". Diet Statistics prove otherwise

  • Science of Dieting - If you want to lose weight, the current research seems to show that it is best to eat a reduced fat diet without limiting calories. Eat healthy carbohydrates, lean protein, and stop eating when you are full. Eat healthy and lose weight!

  • Summary of Diet Plans - Find out the pros and cons of many of the top diets of our time.

  • Tips to Undiet - Diets Don’t Work, but Lifestyle Changes do! If you would quit dieting, and do nothing else but adopt a few of these healthy diet habits, you might be surprised at your success.

  • Weight Gain - Weight Gain, is easy, but it is HARD to lose weight, once we have gained weight! There are many factors against our success, but many of these are excuses. These are the top 15 excuses, or reasons that we tend to use.

  • Why Diets Fail - Diets have a 95% failure rate long term. Here are some of the top reasons why diets fail.

Diets stress willpower. Lifestyle Solutions stress developing healthy diet habits. Strategies always trump willpower. I believe the more you know the more you can eat. The purpose of this entire website is to give you the tools to end dieting and eat for health!

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