Tips to Undiet

TIPS TO UNDIET - Diets Don’t Work, but Lifestyle Solutions do! If you would stop dieting, and do nothing else but adopt a few of these healthy diet habits, you might be surprised at your success.

Food Tips to Undiet 

  • Increase your vegetables at all meals and try to fill half of your plate at most meals. Eat many different colors of vegetables and aim for at least 8 servings. Try roasting, water stir frying, steaming, or raw. Buy seasonal fresh varieties and do not overcook them as they taste better crunchy.

  • Eat at least 2-3 servings of fruit, but no more.

  • Choose only whole grains like quinoa or steel cut oats. Limit bread, pasta, or rice and all processed carbohydrates. Getting grains under control is huge!

  • Do not drink any calories. Increase herb and green teas and no sodas or flavored waters.

  • Eat lean protein like white meat or fish at each meal to increase energy and alertness. Bake, grill or water stir fry them.

  • Learn to love egg whites in any form. They make great omelets or egg dishes.

  • Limit all processed meats that contain chemicals like nitrates.

  • Increase beans, lentils, and peas to a daily ½ cup at least or try going vegetarian for some meals.

  • Try fresh herbs like basil and cilantro, drizzled lemon and lime on vegetables, and garlic as seasoning in everything, rather than butter or oil.

  • Eat good fats with your meals like olive oils, nuts, seeds, olives, and avocado, but a little goes a long way. Eliminate all fried foods.

  • Fill up on fiberfrom real foods. This will keep you full. Vegetables, beans, and lentils make great meal choices.

  • Eliminate sweetened yogurts and stick with plain Greek yogurt.

  • Snack on fruit, veggies, lean protein, raw and unsalted nuts and seeds, but use care with portion control on the nuts and seeds. Count out the nuts and pre-bag them.

  • Start your meals with 6 walnuts or vegetable soup and water 20 minutes before eating. Think of this as the first course. This will help you to eat less.

  • Drink lots of water. Many people who are thirsty eat. Keep hydrated all day. Try adding fresh fruit to your water for flavorings.

Food Habit Tips to Undiet

  • Avoid skipping meals especially breakfast. Eat within 90 minutes of rising and eat at least 25% of your calories at breakfast.

  • Keep your refrigerator and cupboards well stocked by practicing healthy shopping.

  • Eat at least every 4 hours. If you skip breakfast you will be hungrier all day.

  • Pay attention to everything that you put into your mouth and end mindless eating.

  • Eat slower. Eat smaller bites and chew more.

  • Decrease your plate size to 9 inch plates. You will be more satisfied.

  • Limit your food choices and cut down on variety.

Coping Skills Tips to Undiet

  • Do not be so obsessed with weight and avoid discussing weight issues.

  • Realize this is a lifetime process towards health.

  • Learn to enjoy a treat with no guilt, but enjoy every bite.

  • Walk 30 minutes per day.

  • Get photos of your ancestors, as far back as possible, before dieting was popular, and check out your genetics. They are part of the story but not all.

  • Work to accept your body type.

  • Practice patience. Slow and steady wins the race.


This list of tips to undiet is by no means comprehensive, but does highlight some of the Lifestyle Solutions that are most effective. If you read nothing else, but follow these healthy diet habits for the next few weeks, you might be surprised at your success.

It is really easy to decrease 500 calories per day from your diet, by these simple food substitutions. You should lose 1 pound per week, or 52 pounds this year, all without dieting! These are my top tips to end dieting for a generic one plan fits all!

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