Figuring Maintenance Calories

Figuring Maintenance Calories for your day is a Lifestyle Solution that will give you the knowledge you need to plan your meals. Grab a calculator.

  1. To figure your BMR: (The Basal Metabolic Rate to run your body):

    1. Current weight = _______

    2. Multiply by 10 or Weight x 10

    3. Equals BMR _______

  2. To figure Activity calories:

    1. Multiply BMR by:

    2. .3x BMR =_______If you are sedentary - no exercise

    3. .4x BMR =_______If you exercise 1-3 x week

    4. .5x BMR =_______If you exercise 3-5 x week

    5. .6x BMR =_______If you exercise 5-7 x week

  3. Add your BMR to your activity calories to know your maintenance calories.

Here is an Example:

  1. BMR Current weight is 160 x 10= 1,600

  2. Activity level is .4, 1600 x.4 = 640

  3. Maintenance calories equals 1600 + 640 = 2,240

You would be able to eat approximately 2,240 calories per day.


How would this information help you?

  • If you want to maintain your weight, plan your daily meals to an approximate total of 2,240 calories.

  • If you would like to lose weight slowly, you could reduce your calories by approximately 500 calories per day, and you should lose 1 pound per week. It is much easier to reduce your calories by using great food substitutions and adding more healthy foods, while keeping most of the foods you love in your diet, than dieting. You could plan your meal plan to 1740 calories, if you wish to lose 1 pound per week.


Figure your maintenance calories, then go to the Meal Planning Chart! We will work through the above example and plan a meal chart for someone who wants to lose 1 pound per week! This Healthy Diet Habit will make you sorry you ever dieted!

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