Healthy Foods

Healthy foods lead to healthy families. In a perfect world, we would all go to our nearest local grocer to buy foods that were not treated with hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, any chemicals, or genetically modified foods. Foods would be healthy food!

This is not a perfect world at this time. We do have the FDA and the USDA, supposedly on our side, giving safety standards for food production. There is much room for improvement.

There are foods treated with various products that we would not like our pets to eat, but yet we might be purchasing them unknowingly and feeding them to our kids.

Healthy Foods Information from Healthy Diet Habits

Refrigerator Soup Recipe

Now is the time, as a nation, that we must become educated. We must support the organic food movement that offers us foods grown without all of these additives. We want healthy families. Let’s get that message across to farmers, dairies, manufacturers, the FDA and USDA, and our politicians.

Healthy Foods Information from Healthy Diet Habits

Organic Spinach Salad for Lunch: Organic spinach, 3 small on the vine organic tomato's, 1/2 small avocado, handful of almonds, some shelled edamame, and fat free balsamic vinegar dressing.

We need to be educated about:

  • CSA’s - Community Supported Agriculture.  This is a Farm co-op where you pay a certain amount upfront, and benefit from a produce box each week, according to what is in season. 

Healthy Food Information from Healthy Diet Habits

Farmers Market

Visiting your local farmers market is a healthy diet habit. Healthy foods abound and the benefits of healthy and organic produce are huge!

Organic Foods -  If you can, spend the extra money to buy organic produce, especially on the foods with the most food chemicals and pesticides.

Food Additives

Food Additives are not natural foods, but man-made chemicals. Our culture is suffering, because our bodies are not made to be exposed to this level of food chemicals.

Food Terminology

What do the food terminology terms Certified Organic, Certified Naturally Grown, Food Alliance Certified, Salmon Safe or CSA really mean?

  • Genetically Modified Foods - Most of you eat genetically modified food if you eat processed foods or non organic forms of some vegetables. Find out about them and if you are actually eating them in your diet!

  • Going Green - Going green, what does that really mean? Should you develop this lifestyle solution and is it a healthy diet habit? Let's learn habits that promote going green!

Non GMO Foods 

Choosing Non GMO Foods is a healthy diet habit. Find ways that you can avoid GMO products and which foods are free of GMO's!

  • Non-Organic Foods - Non Organic Foods could contain any number of chemicals from pesticides, herbicides, hormones, and antibiotics and even be grown in contaminated sewage sludge! Good choice?

  • Obesogens - Obesogens are a fairly new field of study, but a lifestyle solution of avoiding them at this point is highly recommended, especially during pregnancy and early childhood. Includes information on Types of Obesogens and Tips on Avoiding Obesogens.

Organic Foods

Organic Foods -  If you can, spend the extra money to buy organic produce, especially on the foods with the most food chemicals and pesticides.

Healthy Foods - Organic Protein (Meat / Dairy / Eggs)

Organic Protein 

Purchasing Organic Protein is a healthy diet habit. Most of us do not want to eat meat, milk, or eggs treated with hormones, antibiotics, or that have been fed foods laden with pesticides!

  • Organic Farms - (Info. to come!)
  • Pesticides in Foods - Pesticides in Food -  The worst of these offenders is called The Dirty Dozen. These fruits and vegetables have from 47 to 67 pesticides per serving! Buy Organic is the Healthy Diet Habit!

Healthy Foods Information from Healthy Diet Habits

Pictured above, is my Acorn Squash Soup with Sausage and Kale

The healthy diet habit would be to buy organic foods at your local grocery store, specialty meat stores, produce stands, local farms, farmers markets, or you might even join a CSA, and actually receive a share of a local farmer’s crop.

It might take a bit of research at the start, but eating healthy foods is worth the effort. You might be surprised how fun it is to purchase your fruits and vegetables every week at your local farmers market! It is a great Lifestyle Solution to go Organic!

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