Going Green

Going green, what does that really mean? Should you develop this Lifestyle Solution? Is it a healthy diet habit? This is a term that you hear over and over. It seems to be a good thing, but what exactly is it?

Green living is a lifestyle. It will touch every area of your life, but it is a process because the more you learn, the more you will want to go green!

Going Green - Tips and Info. from Healthy Diet Habits

Going Green is about.....

  • Limiting chemicals in your life. Your home is full of chemicals, from your carpets, to your bedding, to your bathroom cupboards, kitchen cupboards, cupboards themselves, the garage and the air you breathe! There are alternatives to using harsh chemicals.

  • It is about conserving the earth’s natural resources and finding creative ways to do this. From saving energy, water, using less gas, choosing an electric car or lawn mower, or even sharing said lawn mower with neighbors to save resources and preserving our beautiful planet. It might be biking to work or walking close distances like other cultures.

  • It’s about recycling. No, your cell phones, electronics, and computers, can’t be thrown in the trash.

  • It about eating organic foods, growing your own veggies and fruits, joining a local CSA and reading food labels. Demanding products grown with no chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, hormones, or genetically modified foods. Eating foods that are actually grown locally in your area and knowing what good food really is and what the food you eat contains!

  • It’s about education.

  • It’s about borrowing, using the library, thinking before you buy more stuff, and purchasing wisely. That does not mean you buy cheap products. Buy ones that will last and do with less.

  • It’s about buying products that do not fill up our landfills. Bottled water really is a stupid choice! For many reasons!

  • It’s about understanding living sustainably, reducing your carbon footprint, climate change and global warming, and understanding how you can make a difference.

  • It is about looking at the Vegan Diet and Lifestyle! There are many reasons for this diet, but the main ones are: healthy eating, prevention of cruelty to animals, and protection of the environment, all great causes!


Going Green - info. and tips from Healthy Diet Habits

It would be hard to read through this list and not be excited about going green! Who does not want to live in a home with fewer chemicals, and eat foods that promote health, and leave the earth a better place? Let’s learn Lifestyle Solutions that promote this healthy lifestyle!

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