Organic Protein

Organic Protein is expensive! Is it necessary to purchase organic protein that would include meat, dairy, and eggs? Are these healthy foods worth the added expense? Those are the questions that we want to tackle.

Are non-organic choices really that bad? I believe that the answer is "Yes," they really are that bad, and it is NOT a healthy diet habit to buy non-organic meat, dairy and eggs.

The Lifestyle Solution would be to locate a good source of organically produced protein! This is especially crucial if you are pregnant, or nursing an infant

Organic Protein Info/Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

Some Organic Dairy and Egg Products from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.

Make sure that products they are truly organic. (See my Food Terminology tips)

Reasons to buy Organic Protein


  • Non-organic meat production focuses on growing animals at the quickest rate and the lowest cost. This is done by giving growth hormones to cattle that stimulate muscle development and less fat, a cheaper product. Gone are the days of cows grazing in pastures. That takes too long and is too expensive. Meats of today are industrialized.

  • Buying organic grass fed animals is not that much more expensive, especially if you can buy directly from the farmer.

  • Grass fed animals have lower levels of saturated fats and higher levels of omega-3-antioxidants and no added hormones.

  • Look for local meats that are labeled Organic, Naturally Grown, Animal Welfare Approved, Humanely Raised, Salmon-safe, or Food Alliance Certified. These labels verify that the animals are raised humanely, in a pasture or range, and do not receive added hormones or antibiotics, and that the farms are good stewards of their land.


Organic Protein Info/Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

  • Non-organic milk from traditional dairy farms can be treated with rbST which is a genetically engineered version of a hormone that stimulates milk production. It is injected into cows that can later develop mastitis and are then treated with penicillin. You are drinking both the hormone and penicillin in the milk. Many people are allergic to penicillin plus this is leading to antibiotic resistance. We now have superbugs that do not respond to traditional antibiotics.

  • The rbST hormone could be linked with certain cancers like breast, colon and prostate.

  • Cows are also given reproductive hormones during lactation. You will be drinking these hormones also.

Organic Protein Info/Tips from Healthy Diet Habits


  • Organic eggs must come from hens that received no antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, herbicides or food treated with these substances.

Organic Protein Info/Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

  • Cages are prohibited and they require access to outside. They require organic feed, so they eat better, have better living conditions, and their eggs taste better. 

Organic Protein Info/Tips from Healthy Diet Habits


Purchasing organic meat, dairy and eggs is a healthy diet habit. Most of us do not want to eat meat, milk or eggs from animals given added hormones, antibiotics, or that have been fed food that is laden with pesticides and herbicides.

Purchasing organic products allows us to tell conventional meat and dairy farms that we are willing to pay a bit more for products that are healthier. Organic foods are healthy foods!  

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