Healthy Soup Recipes

Lentil Soup Recipe

Preparing healthy soup recipes should be a weekly menu habit in your pursuit of healthy eating. Many people grab cans of soup at the market that are loaded with salt and other additives. Soups seem fearful to prepare is the reason given! So not true!

Easy Soup Tips by Healthy Diet Habits

See my 7 Quick & Easy Soup Tips that will help you to prepare healthy soup recipes quickly! From the broth to vegetables, beans, whole grains, and meats. Find shortcuts to help!

Reasons to Prepare a Weekly Pot of Soup

  • Heavenly smells!
  • Helps to avoid produce waste and keep your refrigerator cleaned out of produce you bought too much of!
  • Helps to increase the amount of produce you consume!
  • Lunches for much of the week, or leftovers for another evening meal! This saves Money!!!
  • Healthy meal that does not need to be loaded with calories!
  • Can be prepared ahead of time in a crockpot!
  • There are so many varieties so they never get old!

Vegetables for Healthy Soups

Soup recipes can vary, but basically they are broth based or cream based. You might leave your soup whole, or blend it until it’s smooth. I stick with the broth based soups because they are usually healthy recipes. They are much lower in calories, and I love a variety of chunked vegetables.

Acorn Squash Soup

If picky son is visiting, I might blend part of the vegetables because he does not like chunked onions, peppers, celery, and tomatoes. Blending part of the soup makes for a very tasty broth, and I am happy to cater to him. Soups can be vegetarian, vegan, full of meat, or beans! You can vary your recipe to suit your mood.

Healthy Diet Habits Refrigerator Soup Recipe

Healthy Soup Recipes

Acorn Squash Soup with Sausage and Kale Recipe

Acorn Squash Soup with Sausage and Kale

This Acorn Squash Soup is not the traditional creamy soup, but one filled with hearty vegetables and grains! Jalapeno gives it a nice kick too!

Vegetarian Bean Soup Recipe

Bean Soup

This is an easy vegetarian bean soup recipe that will last for days! It's full of healthy vegetables and a great soup choice when you need to clean the vegetables out of your refrigerator! Delicious!

Bean Trip Soup by Healthy Diet Habits

Bean Trio Soup

This Bean Trio Soup was a chili like recipe that was made from tru Roots Sprouted Bean Trio Mix. It's a great blend to try!

Beef Vegetable Soup Recipe

Beef Vegetable Soup

My Beef Vegetable Soup, is a very basic healthy soup recipe that is great, and is easy to make your own modifications as to what you love!

Black Bean Soup Recipe

Black Bean Soup

This black bean soup recipe is a quick meal that will allow you to use any seasonal vegetables that you can imagine! Vegetable bean soups are filling without being caloric! Great choice.

Blended Vegetable Soup by Healthy Diet Habits

Blended Vegetable Soup

Blended vegetable soup is a healthy soup with blended vegetables that are double blended at the start and end of production! No cream base means there are less calories!

Cabbage Soup Recipe

Cabbage Soup

Cabbage Soup is a great addition to a healthy meal plan! Delicious! This is a tasty meal that can provide lots of leftovers for lunch meals during the week!

Easy Chicken Soup Recipe

Easy Chicken Soup

This chicken soup recipe is super simple! Make a large pot weekly for a dinner meal, healthy lunches, and frugal living. Saves time and money!

Ham and White Bean Soup

Ham and White Bean Soup

This Ham and Bean Soup is a healthy version full of blended vegetables for picky eaters. The only chunks are the ham and white beans! Comfort food done right!

(Picture Coming Soon!)

Italian Meatball Soup

Meatball soup, full of vegetables, is an easy one pot meal that's a healthy diet habit! Soup simplifies life, makes great lunches, and helps with weight control or weight loss!

Spicy Lentil Soup Recipe

Lentil Soup Recipe

Preparing a lentil soup recipe is a healthy diet habit; tasty, full of fiber, vegetables, and vegetarian/vegan friendly. Nicely seasoned with fresh herbs, lemon, and cumin!

Moroccan Harira Soup Recipe

Moroccan Harira Soup

Harira is traditional tomato soup of Morocco full of garbanzo beans and lentils. Each recipe version is a little different. It's eaten all year, but nightly during Ramadan! It's outstanding!

Spicy Orange Lentil Soup Recipe

Orange Lentil Soup

Is this Orange Lentil Soup or Stew? You be the judge! It's a spicy soup that is a great recipe addition for a meatless meal that will not leave you asking "Where's the Meat?"

Potato Leek Soup Recipe

Potato Leek Soup

Choosing Potato Leek Soup for those cool Fall evenings is a quick way to warm up. This delicious recipe will be loved by all! Serve it with a salad and crusty bread for a nutritious meal!

Refrigerator Crockpot Soup Recipe

Refrigerator Crockpot Soup

Each week a pot of refrigerator crockpot soup could be saving you time, money, and providing healthy weekday lunches! Use your creativity and follow these simple tips!

Refrigerator Soup Recipe

Refrigerator Soup

Use this refrigerator soup recipe as a template when your fridge is full of extra produce that you need to use! Helps to avoid waste and save money! Make a different pot each week!

Thai Tom Yum Soup Recipe

Thai Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum soup is a spicy Thai soup that can be made in under 30 minutes! It's made with fresh razor clams or shrimp and is outstanding!

Turkey Soup Recipe by Healthy Diet Habits

Turkey Soup Recipe

This turkey soup recipe is the best way to deal with a turkey carcass and many of your random leftovers can be included. A great pot of soup is light, after a heavy holiday meal!

I have tried to include a variety of soups. Chicken soup, bean soup, and vegetarian soups are my favorites. Use these recipes as a guideline, but don’t be afraid to substitute different vegetables, spices, herbs, broth types, meats or beans. A good pot of soup is an evolving pot. This is one meal that you will want to taste and add a little of this and a little of that!

Black Bean Vegetable Soup

Share YOUR Favorite Healthy Soup Recipes

Please share your healthy soup recipes below: especially vegetable laden ones, that are low in fat. If your family loves a soup recipe that is healthy, others will enjoy it too!

If there is a way to make your soup recipe healthier by making substitutions, then I will make suggestions when I review YOUR recipe! Your Recipe will be turned into it's own web page on our site, and your friends, family, and other visitors to our site, can make comments, and review your recipe.

Please Note:

If I feel that a recipe is not healthy, and if I can't think of a way to make substitutions to make it into a healthy recipe, it will not be included. Thanks so much for sharing YOUR Healthy Soup Recipe!

Have A Great Healthy Soup Recipe to Share?

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