Healthy Lunches

Healthy lunches present the biggest challenge of the day for you, because it’s the meal you usually eat away from home. You’ve lost control of lunch, and need to develop some healthy diet habits for this meal.

Healthy Lunch Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

Planning, preparing, and remembering your home-made lunch is difficult. Supersized burgers, fries, and drinks lure you in with their budget minded friendliness! A day’s worth of calories and fat can be consumed in a few minutes. Combine that with your busy lifestyle that offers little time for exercise, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster! In fact grabbing fast food often, is one of the biggest predictors of whether you will be obese!

Healthy Lunch Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

Lunches might seem difficult, but there are easy fixes available that will improve your health and your weight! My advice would be:

  • Once you have figured your daily maintenance calories, and figured your meal planning chart, grab the figure that you planned for your lunch meal.

  • Plan several lunch meals that will fit within your calorie budget. Try to practice the half plate rule. Your lunch should contain 50% veggies/fruit, 25% healthy grain and 25% protein source, if possible.

  • Check out the Super salad meal chart: a chart that will help you make many side salads or meal salads, great for lunches.

Healthy Salad

  • Check out the Healthy Brown Bag Lunches: How to make great sandwiches and what to pack with those lunches.

  • Check out Healthy Lunch Ideas

  • Check out Healthy Fast Food Lunches.

  • You have seen many great lunch ideas. Follow through and develop 4 or 5 "go to lunches", that you would enjoy eating during the week. Gaining control of your run away lunch calories is a great Lifestyle Solution, and a healthy diet habit to keep your weight under control!

    Healthy Lunch Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

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