Portion Distortion

Americans have been overtaken by the unhealthy diet habit of portion distortion! Everywhere we go foods are large scale, and our waistlines are expanding. We are told that we eat too much and exercise too little! Could it really be that our portions are the cause of the obesity crisis in this country today?

Portion Distortion

Let’s take a look:

  • It is hard to get away from super-sized, bargain-sized, family-sized, or value-sized at markets or restaurants.

  • Bigger portions mean greater profit for markets or restaurants. Profit is their goal not health.

  • Our portions have been expanding for the past 30 years along with the rates of obesity.

  • Portions of foods are 2 to 5 times bigger today.

  • We eat 30 to 50% more when given bigger portions.

  • Our cupboards and dishwashers are larger today to hold our growing plate sizes.
  • Serving sizes of recipes today serve less. (People eat bigger servings)

  • We do not know the difference between small, medium or large.

  • Larger portions contain more calories and calorie counting is impossible.

Portion Distortion | Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

The obesity crisis is not just about eating too much and exercising too little. It is about developing an awareness of portion sizes and finding strategies to limit portions. It’s about developing great portion control! Until our portions are under control, our waistlines will continue to expand!

We need to learn about:


If you develop Lifestyle Solutions that allow you to practice Portion Control consistently, don’t be surprised that your weight will be easier to control too. Great portion control is a healthy diet habit for those people who do not want to struggle with weight control!

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