Summer Weight Loss Tips

Summer weight loss tips are by far the easiest! Fresh fruit and veggies abound, and the weather beckons you outside to activity! Eating nutrient dense foods that are not calorie laden and adding more movement is a recipe for success.

Summer weight loss tips are by far the easiest! Info/Tips from Healthy Diet Habits!

Some simple summer weight loss tips are:

  • Fill up on herbal iced teas! Calorie drinks can be deadly on your waistline. The average person drinks 450 calories per day. Herb teas are calorie free and delicious. Add a splash of lemon or lime juice, or a cut piece of fruit for a great drink!

  • Fill up on Salads! Salads should be the center of each meal. Choose different bases and chop away to your heart’s content. Purchase various fresh veggies at farmers markets, chop a variety of colorful ones, and voila a great salad is born! Add a topping of protein like lean meat or fish, nuts, seeds, beans, or a lower fat cheese. Add a whole grain like whole wheat couscous, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, cracked wheat, or quinoa, and a meal is born! Top with fresh herbs and a small amount of healthy dressing! Watch the chemically laden dressings. See my Super Salad Meal Chart for ideas!

Summer weight loss tips are by far the easiest! Info/Tips from Healthy Diet Habits! Pictured: Late Summer Salad from the Restaurant Trokay in Truckee, California

Late Summer Salad of Baby Greens and Lilac Spinach - Hickory Smoked Fingerling Potato, Chanterelles, Tomato Confit, Mojave Sage, Rogue Creamery Smokey Blue - From the Restaurant Trokay in Truckee, California

  • Fill up on fruits! Add fresh fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth. Fruit has such an ability to satisfy your desire for sweets. It is full of fiber, so it actually satisfies your hunger. Plus it is hard to over eat fruit because it is filling. Ever heard of people binging on apples. Grapes maybe, but not most fruit! Fruit is your safest sweet treat!

  • Love vegetables in all forms! Grab a new cookbook and learn how to cook vegetables. Learn how to use spices and herbs. Stop overcooking vegetables. They should not be mush, but crisp tender. Other cultures center their entire meals on local fresh vegetables. Try out many cultural specialties. Just be sure to limit oil, and learn the technique of water stir frying or sautéing

  • Become a grill expert! Veggies done on the grill in foil packets topped with fresh herbs are amazing. Fruit, veggie, fish or chicken kebobs are simple! Just make sure to practice the half plate rule for grilling out. Are you eating a plate full of starchy carbohydrates with that burger, maybe a bun, beans, corn cob, chips topped off with potato salad? Choose only one of those starchy choices, and fill at least half of your plate with colorful salads, and fruit combinations.

  • Keep it simple! Healthy eating is simple. Eat real foods always, and limit processed foods. Develop simple tastes!

  • Move, move, move! The more you move, the better you will feel. Find ways to add movement into your life. The longer days allow you that extra time after dinner to take a walk, and enjoy the evening! Turning off the television for the summer is a healthy diet habit to adopt!

  • Sleep well! Long summer days mean less night for sleeping. Make sure you get enough sleep, at least 7 hours. Losing sleep stimulates cortisol, and can lead to weight gain!

Summer weight loss tips are by far the easiest! Info/Tips from Healthy Diet Habits! Pictured: Grilled Vegetables and Potatoes


These are a few of the many healthy diet habits that you can add this summer to help with weight loss. The more Lifestyle Solutions that you can add to your life, by incorporating these summer weight loss tips, rather than dieting, the greater your chances for permanent weight loss success!

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