Tips for Losing Weight

If you plan on losing weight, you have three choices: Go on the latest greatest diet, exercise more, or make long-term lifestyle solutions! Conventional wisdom says that it is all about calories in and calories out! Get them under control and weight control will result. That is what the USDA suggests in their new dietary guidelines. Research is showing that there may be more involved!

Chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and other additives might be interfering with your endocrine system and actually changing how your body deals with calories, as well as your metabolism, and possibly your fat cell number. Scientists still do not have all of the answers and nutrition is an ever changing field!

Simple Tips for Losing Weight by Healthy Diet Habits

What can you do if this is true? Choose to make long term lifestyle solutions! Some simple tips for losing weight are:

  • Adopt the half plate rule but use smaller plates. Mounding a large plate, even following the half plate rule, will probably add weight to your waistline. Remember half of your plate should be fruits and veggies! Aim for more veggies because they give you more bang for your calorie buck! Translation: Less caloric!

  • Adopt light recipes for your favorites. Most recipes can be just as delicious and tasty made with lower calorie ingredients!

  • Adopt the Meatless Monday idea. Have a meatless meal at least one day of the week.

  • Make sure you are keeping your starches under control. Remember they are to fill only 1/4 of your plate. One serving of a grain is only 1/2 of a cup, which is small. Measure it out with your 1/2 cup measure, because it is almost impossible to eyeball amounts because of portion distortion.

  • Eliminate processed foods from your diet as much as possible. Eat real foods. If it comes in a box, bag, or package, it is not probably real food. If it needs an ingredient list, it is probably not real food either.

  • Buy organic meats without antibiotics, or hormones, and grass fed or free range cattle. If cattle are given hormones to increase their growth, you are eating the very same hormones. Could these hormones be increasing your weight also? Find a great source of organic meat!

  • Buy organic fruits and vegetables at least for the most contaminated produce called the dirty dozen. Once again, eating pesticides could be interfering with your endocrine system and causing weight gain.

  • Practice healthy eating. Learn correct portions of meat, starches, and fruits, but eat unlimited veggies.

  • Go green! Limit chemicals in your home. Use green products whenever possible.

  • Exercise daily even if it is just brisk walking. Add more steps daily. Always park at the far end of your parking lot or strip mall. Stand while you chat on the phone and pace back and forth. Any movement helps.

Simple Tips for Losing Weight by Healthy Diet Habits


These are just a few tips to think about when you are making lifestyle solutions for losing weight. The best way to personalize your plan is to keep a food journal for a few days. Evaluate your journal and clean up your problem areas. It is difficult, but can be done. Unless you want to fight this battle for the rest of your life, it is easier to make a few permanent lifestyle solutions that promote healthy eating, and develop healthy diet habits that aid in losing weight long term!

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