Daily Food Journal

Below is your daily food journal in PDF format, that you can download and print, and fill out each day. The more information that you include on your journal, the more useful it will be later on when you fill our your journal evaluation worksheet, which will be used to help develop Lifestyle Solutions and Healthy Diet Habits in place of any bad eating habits.


Here are the instructions to fill out the journal:

  1. Please record all food and drinks that you consume each day.

  2. Please include as much information as possible:

    • Did you sit down at home or eat out?

    • Was your snack a planned one, or did you mindlessly eat?

    • What were your feelings at the time you ate?

    • Were you eating emotionally?

    • Did you do another activity while you were eating, or did you pay attention and enjoy your meal?

    • Where were you on the hunger scale, before and after your meal?

    • Were you totally stuffed, and what caused the overeating?

Daily Food Journal (Right click on the link to download, or left click to print from your browser window)

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