Processed Foods

Processed Foods are NOT a Healthy Diet Habit! The more that you limit processed foods, the easier weight control will be for you! Pictured: Cheddar Bacon Popcorn

Processed foods:

  • Usually come in a box or bag.

  • Usually look different than they did at the farm where they were grown.

  • Usually come from a manufacturing plant where they have been processed.

  • Usually contain a bar code and food label.

  • Usually have little fiber which increases the shelf life.

  • Usually contain many ingredients that are not recognizable.

  • Usually are sold in the aisle sections of the market.

  • Usually are not as healthy as real foods.

  • Usually contain chemicals to prolong freshness and shelf life.

  • Usually contain food colors and dyes.

  • Usually cost less than real whole foods.

  • Usually net the manufacturer increased profits the more processing they receive.

  • Usually make up a great percentage of the average diet.

  • Usually score higher on the glycemic index chart.

  • Usually do not fill you up as quickly as real foods and you eat more.

  • Usually are advertised on television.

  • Usually are filled with empty calories and should not be a big part of a healthy diet.

Processed Foods are NOT a Healthy Diet Habit!


If you are eating for health, limit processed foods. Skip those aisles in the market where they are found and do not buy them! The more that you limit these unhealthy food items from your diet, the easier weight control will be for you!

Reverse this list for what you should be looking for. Healthy foods don’t come in a box or bag, look like they just came from the farm because they are not processed, contain no bar code or food label, contain fiber, recognizable ingredients, sold on the edges of the store, are healthy, contain no chemicals, colors or dyes, sugar or salt, score lower on the GI index, fill you up quickly, and might be a bit more expensive but worth the cost. They are not advertised on television and contain few empty calories. Sounds amazing! Let’s eat healthy and put the manufacturers out of business.

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