Tips for Leftovers

Leftovers are a poor name for a wonderful treat and a healthy diet habit to practice! The name denotes an item that is not worthy and already done with! Many cringe at the thought, yet they are a lifestyle solution to save time and practice frugality. They can be used for a new breakfastlunch, or dinner meal. 

Leftovers are a wonderful treat and a healthy diet habit to practice

A healthy breakfast can be last night's dinner, and in many cultures that's the case. You can also collect the remains from any meal and save them in a freezer bag for a glorious soup. They are so important that I would say, Double your meals and plan for leftovers!

Leftovers are a wonderful treat and a healthy diet habit to practice

Simple Tips for Planning and Using Leftovers:

  • Buy a roast, or any meat that is more than you can possibly eat. Cook it in your slow cooker, along with double the amount of carrots, potatoes, onions, and peas or vegetables you love. After dinner, dice the remaining meat, and vegetables and you have got a ready-made stew that can be served as is, or over rice for your next lunch or dinner meal.

  • Chopped meats and vegetables could also be added to eggs for a breakfast scramble or omelet.

  • Chopped meats and vegetables can quickly be stir fried together for a stir fry meal or fried rice meal with added rice and an egg.

  • Always cook double or triple the amount of rice that you need. Rice can be added to egg dishes, soups, stir fries, or even served alone as a breakfast cereal with some dried fruit, sugar and cinnamon added. Cook large pots of rice and freeze them into family serving size packets for use with stir fries, which take less time to cook than rice.

  • Chopped meats will come in handy for the protein part of a salad lunch. Just add the meat, greens, chopped fresh vegetables or fruits, and top with your favorite light dressing.

  • Chopped meats and fresh vegetables can fill a sandwich. Meat salads used to be sandwich fillers back in the day before processed lunch meats became popular.

  • Chopped meats and vegetables can fill a breakfast burrito. Salsa, green chilies, and tortillas mix well with most foods.

  • Any remaining pasta makes a healthy breakfast choice. I grew up in Australia and a favorite there is spaghetti or baked beans on toast. It seemed odd at first, but breakfast can be anything that sounds good to you. Many people skip this meal because they dislike cereal or eggs, but who says you can't eat your favorite meals for breakfast.

  • Any remaining foods can be saved in a freezer bag for your next pot of soup. Soups should be a weekly staple.

Leftovers are a wonderful treat and a healthy diet habit to practice

The idea of leftovers is not to just get stuck with them, but to plan for them! Make bigger meals, put the leftovers away to discourage overeating, and then you have another meal idea ready to go that does not need to look anything like the original meal.

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