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Wii fitness games can be a fun part of your daily exercise plan! I asked my friend, Leah, to give me an evaluation of games that she has tried and enjoyed. She is an expert and has opinions on all things Wii! She highly recommends this form of exercise, because you can workout at home, by yourself, or with friends and family! It's definitely a fun healthy diet habit to purchase a console, grab the family, and get active!

Home Fitness!

Recommended Wii Fit Games


Top Wii Fitness Games

Leah's Top Wii Fitness Games and One to Avoid:

  • Zoomba Fitness Join The Party: If you don't have money for Zoomba classes, this game is a cheaper option that will allow you to use the famous Zoomba workout. Working out by dancing is the most fun of all these games. It might be challenging if you're not used to lots of cardio, but you can start out as a beginner, and work your way up. The dancing is too quick for kids to keep up with, but they can just dance on their own! This game is a must purchase for everyone, because it is so fun!

  • Wii Fit: This is one of the best Wii fitness games out there. Four categories of workouts will allow you to find an area that you are good at! Definitely get this. Make sure that you buy a Wii Fit that comes with the balance board, because it is essential to a lot of the workouts. You don't need Wii Fit Plus, unless you have kids that need to work out, and in that case I would highly recommend upgrading.

  • My Fitness Coach: This game is excellent for beginners, especially if you are just getting used to dieting and strong workouts. I'd recommend starting with this, and if you can handle it, graduating to My Fitness Coach 2, which will give you an even tougher workout. Definitely get this.

  • Personal Trainer More Workouts: This will provide a tougher workout than the first Personal Trainer game, but both are excellent games. I'd recommend purchasing both games because bands are included in Personal Trainer that you will need for Personal Trainer More Workouts.

  • EA Active Personal Trainer: This is a great game for challenging yourself. Make sure you purchase the accessories, with bands and leg straps, for the best results. The leg strap helps monitor your movements and your trainer will give you advice for improvement! Great game, I'd recommend getting it.

  • Gold's Gym Cardio Workout: This is a good game, but cartoon graphics might detract from your experience. Great for working out, but I would rate it a bit lower than the previous games, because it looks kiddy! Although the graphics are cartoony, this is not a game for children. The workouts are for adults. Buy Wii Fit Plus, if you want workouts for your kids!

  • My Fitness Coach 2: The workouts are more challenging that the first My Fitness Coach and can lead to frustration. The plus side is that there are over 130 healthy meals. They are good recipes too! I believe it just takes hard work to do well on these workouts, because they are so challenging. I would recommend them though!

You Can Do It!

Recommended Wii Fit Games

Wii Fitness Games to Avoid

  • The Biggest Loser For Wii: Don't buy this Wii fitness game! It's a waste of money. You are forced to play as a really obese character, and have no chance to put in your real weight. The trainer loads you with negativity, if he/she feels you aren't working hard enough. Spend money on the previous fitness games, not this one. It was so bad, I returned it.


Thanks for looking at my recommendations for my top Wii Fitness Games. I hope you enjoy them and that they will help you to get into shape!


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