Tips to Eat Less

Learning tips to eat less can help you win at the weight loss game! Most of you are in the diet game of your life. The score goes up and then down, yet the game never seems to end. It's discouraging. You try deprivation, eating differently, and new diets, but fail.

The best advice is to eat a little bit less, most of the time! Simple! This works because you're portion challenged! Few of you recognize correct servings any longer and often eat portions that are several servings. You have fallen victim to companies selling huge portions and restaurants serving double portions. Correct serving sizes look minute!

Eating out of control portions might be the top unhealthy diet habit that leads to weight gain and obesity. Learning a few simple healthy diet habits to eat less can help those pounds slowly come off and stay off.

Learning tips to eat less can help you win at the weight loss game!

Tips to Eat Less:

  • Be a Label Reader: Any food that comes in a bag or box must have a food label. Read it and look for the proper serving size and use that as a guide. Use care because manufacturers are not above using trickery. Statistics for ½ a cookie, or sausage are common. No one eats half a cookie. If a product has ingredients that you do not recognize or chemicals, do not buy it. Look for a different, healthier choice.

  • Serve Restaurant Style Meals:These are meals that you plate yourself with proper portions. Serving dishes are not placed on the table. If your favorite food is right in front of you, it's easy to overeat. Save the extra food for leftovers or lunch meals. This can save you money and end the fast food lunch habit.

  • Downsize your Dinnerware or Use Salad Plates: Plates from the 1950's were 9 to 10 inches in size. Many of you use 12 inch plates, which have almost 50% more surface area to cover with food. Eat from a full 10 inch plate and wait 20 minutes before you reach for seconds. It takes your body 20 minutes to register being full.

  • Limit Processed Foods:These foods usually lack fiber, are full of fillers, chemicals, cheap ingredients, dyes, sugar, salt, corn syrup, and should be limited. Many of them cause cravings, and you eat more. Purchase real foods, which do not need a food label, and learn to cook from scratch at home. The payoff will be delicious healthy meals.

Learning tips to eat less can help you win at the weight loss game!


Following these 5 simple tips to eat less will help you to eat less empty calories and increase healthy eating, which will bring satisfaction and reduced cravings. It's a cycle, but one that you can win at. Eating a little bit less over time is a lifestyle solution that will win the weight loss game. Slow and steady wins the race.

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