8 Tips to Avoid Weekend Overeating

Many of us need tips to avoid weekend overeating. We eat healthy Monday through Friday noon, but once the weekend begins, all semblance of sane eating is gone! Let’s wrap it up into 8 easy healthy diet habits!

Always bring a healthy appetizer
  • Choose weekend activities that are active. Take up biking or hiking! Keep couch potato activities limited!

  • Choose non-food activities or learn to attend activities without food. It is possible to attend a movie without eating. The giant tub of popcorn/coke combo is almost an entire day’s calories. Do the math! Eat a healthy dinner at home, and attend the movie calorie free!

  • Drinks are deadly on the waistline! Limit high calorie drinks and develop your personal substitute list of lower calorie drinks. Do not mindlessly drink! Nurse a single glass of wine for the evening with ice water.

  • Stay within your meal plan calorie limit when you are eating out. Check out the nutrition facts! Do not be embarrassed to do this. There are many satisfying healthy meals that are delicious at restaurants. You must check out the calories though, because it is impossible to tell by a description, and many times what sounds healthy is not. Here are my picks for some healthy restaurant substitutions.

  • Choose active forms of relaxation like gardening, or a hobby that requires activity.

  • Do not go on a strict diet on the weekends. This will lead to feelings of deprivation, and you will over eat. Your mantra should be "Eat healthy 80% of the time and sane 100% of the time". In other words "No insane eating allowed"! A small, 100 to 300 calorie, treat is not considered insane eating! See my tips for Sweet, Treats, and Desserts and my list of Sweet Substitutions for some ideas.

  •  Keep mindless eating under control on the weekends. Walk by your trigger foods in the store, and do not buy them. If they are not in your house, you will not eat them!

  • If you are attending any events, bring a healthy food choice or healthy snack to share. You will be popular. Many times people eat junk food, because there are not healthy choices. Bring fresh sliced tomatoes, topped with Mozzarella cheese slices and fresh basil, drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. Yummy and maybe 5 minutes to make! See my Snack Substitutions list for some other healthy ideas!

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    We have such great intentions, but weekends do many of us in. By making some simple Lifestyle Solutions you can gain control and avoid weekend overeating!

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