Food Thinking Mistakes

There are many common Food Thinking Mistakes that cause us trouble, when we are learning to deal with food in our lives, and develop healthy diet habits.

The problem with our thoughts is that they can be true, partially true, or false, and it is important to determine whether our thoughts are true or not!

The following list of common thinking errors is from "The Beck Diet Solution", by Judith S. Beck on page 195 to page 196. All credit goes to her for relating these problems to dieting in such a simple, easy to understand manner with great examples!


Thinking Mistake #1: All or Nothing Thinking.

You see things in only two categories when there’s a middle ground. Examples would be:

  • Either I am completely on my diet, or I’m off my diet.

  • Either I’m 100% successful, or I’m a failure, and may as well give up dieting.

Thinking Mistake #2: Negative Fortune Telling.

You predict the future negatively, without considering other possible outcomes. Examples would be:

  • Since I didn’t lose weight this week, I’ll never be able to lose weight.

Thinking Mistake #3: Overly Positive Fortune Telling.

You predict the future too positively, without considering other possible outcomes. Examples would be:

  • I’ll be able to eat just a little bit of this food I crave, feel satisfied, and stop.

  • It’s okay if I just estimate the amount of food I’m supposed to have instead of measuring it. I’ll still lose weight.

Thinking Mistake #4: Emotional Reasoning.

You think your ideas must be true even though objective evidence says not. Examples would be:

  • Since I feel like a failure for having strayed, I really must be a failure.

  • I feel like I just have to have something sweet right now.

Thinking Mistake #5: Mind Reading.

You’re sure of what other are thinking, even in the absence of compelling data. Examples of this would be:

  • People will think I’m strange, if I don’t drink alcohol at the party.

  • She’ll think I’m rude, if I don’t try the brownies she baked.

Thinking Mistake #6: Self-Deluding Thinking.

You rationalize by telling yourself things you don’t really believe at other times. Examples would be:

  • If no one sees me eating, it doesn’t count.

  • It won’t matter, if I give in to my cravings.

Thinking Mistake #7: Unhelpful Rules.

You mandate actions, without taking circumstances into consideration. Examples would be:

  • I can’t waste food.

  • I can’t inconvenience my family by cooking healthier meals, or getting junk food out of the house.

Thinking Mistake #8: Justification.

You link two unrelated concepts (to justify your eating). Examples would be:

  • I deserve to eat this, because I’m so stressed out.

  • It’s okay to eat this, because it’s free.

Thinking Mistake #9: Exaggerated Thinking.

You make a situation seem greater, or worse than it really is. Examples would be:

  • I have no willpower.

Bowl of Ice Cream


I love these food thinking mistakes, and found myself identifying with each one of the examples personally. It is easy to laugh at some of them, but most of us have used every one of them.

If you want to make lifestyle solutions, you will need to identify your sabotaging thoughts and thinking mistakes. In her book Judith Beck presents “The Seven Question Technique” to help find solutions to these food thinking mistakes. I've summarized these on my follow up page...Food Thinking Solutions. Check it out!

"The Beck Diet Solution", by Judith S. Beck is one of my Top 10 Recommended Books to read along with her six week workbook and has wonderful information about food thinking mistakes and food thinking solutions!

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