Types of Emotional Eating

This is a humorous list of the different types of emotional eating, from a book by Debra Waterhouse, called "Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell". Emotional eating, is a difficult topic for most of us.

She has grouped emotional eating into funny subtypes, allowing us to laugh at ourselves. Humor is not threatening or heavy, but a great way to teach points. We need to laugh more in life!

Eclair - Types of Emotional Eating - Info. from Kerry at Healthy Diet Habits

Types of Emotional Eating:

  • I DESERVE IT EATING: You spent two hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic; that has to be worth at least two candy bars. You just completed a big project; you deserve your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant.

  • THE LAST SUPPER SYNDROME: This may be the last time you’ll ever see cheesecake for the rest of your life; you better eat it now while you have the chance.

  • NOBODY’S AROUND: They are finally gone, now you can eat the cake without the dirty looks and remarks. You can now enter the world of uninhibited closet eating.

  • KITCHEN EATING: You walked in the kitchen, but you don’t remember why. While you are there, you might as well open the cupboard and see what there is to eat.

  • SEE FOOD EATING: It’s sitting there on the counter; you see it, you eat it. It’s as simple as that.

  • WHAT THE H___ EATING: You ate too much at lunch and now there is an office birthday party. What the h___, you blew it at lunch anyway, might as well have a piece or two of birthday cake.

  • PREVENTATIVE EATING: You’re not hungry now, but you may be in an hour, and what if there is no food around? You’d better eat now just in case.

  • QUICK FIX EATING: You’re feeling depressed, lonely, or sad. You need a quick fix to make yourself feel better. Ice cream has had medicinal properties since childhood.


Chocolate Cake - Types of Emotional Eating - Info. from Kerry at Healthy Diet Habits

These types of emotional eating are hilarious, and we get the point. Most of have been guilty of all of these. I look at this list and see a different story. I see Lifestyle Solutions, and a great set of new healthy diet habits and strategies that would allow us to walk through each emotional eating situation with success.

I would recommend the book "Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell" by Debra Waterhouse. It is a fascinating book. She gives you a three month plan for weight loss, based on the scientific knowledge of what the female fat cell does and does not like. You have to outsmart your fat cells or they will always win. She clearly shows how dieting promotes weight gain. I like her strategies!

Snacks - Types of Emotional Eating - Info. from Kerry at Healthy Diet Habits

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