Emotional Health

What does it mean to have good emotional health? Many times we emotionally eat, because we do not understand what it means to be emotionally healthy, and have unrealistic expectations of ourselves. When we do not measure up to our expectations, we eat! Healthy diet habits, promote good emotional health!

Emotional Health is Not.......

Emotional Health Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

  • Always being happy, positive, confident and upbeat all of the time.

  • Always feeling on top of things.

  • Always being in complete control of our life.

  • Always being independent and never depending on others.

  • Always having all of the answers.

  • Always being liked by everyone.

  • Always having to be perfect.

  • Always feeling good about yourself or other people.

  • Always being strong all of the time.

  • Always looking at the outer person rather than what is on the inside.

Good Emotional Health is.....

Emotional Health Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

  • Having the ability to experience all of your feelings, even when they are difficult and intense.

  • Having the ability to tolerate gray areas in life, rather than seeing the world as only black and white.

  • Being comfortable to look at both your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Having the ability to be self reflective.

  • Having a good balance between work and play and having fun.

  • Being both independent and dependent.

  • Having a positive outlook in life.

  • Being able to see yourself and other people as emotional resources.

  • Having flexible thinking that is not rigid most of the time.

  • Valuing people over things. Can things really make you happy?

  • Being able to assert your needs, but also to being respectful of the needs of others.

  • Being open to new ways of thinking and doing things, but at the same time holding on to your strong convictions.

  • Living a life that is full of meaning and generosity.

  • Being able to look and find people that will treat you well, like you deserve to be treated.

  • Being able to laugh at yourself, and at your mistakes.

  • Being creative and finding places to let your creativity flourish.

  • Being able to stand up for yourself when you are right, and admit your mistakes.

  • Being rational and making decisions that promote your well being.

  • Having the courage to take risks that can benefit you, and knowing when something is not a good risk.

  • Being willing to deal with your past, even your childhood, or adult traumas that are extremely difficult.

  • Being able to express your needs clearly, and advocate for yourself.

  • Being accountable and taking responsibility for yourself, and your actions.

  • Accepting yourself and realizing that you are doing the best that you can, even as you are trying to do better.

  • Being able to give yourself the grace that you give others.

Emotional Health Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

This is not a complete list of every quality needed for emotional health, but it is a good start. It is impossible to be perfect at each thing, but just reading the list is kind of freeing. You have to accept yourself and extend grace to yourself. We have all gone through difficulties in life.

The key to good emotional health, is the belief that you are a person of great worth, no matter what has happened in your past. You are wonderfully and fearfully made! That is a truly amazing Lifestyle Solution, to see you as a person of great worth!

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