Feelings and Food

Feelings and Food - Sadness, Anxiety, Anger and Boredom are feelings often associated with food, and emotional eating. You eat when you are sad. You eat when you are anxious. You eat when you are angry. You eat when you are bored. These feelings could all be handled by distracting yourself, but different types of distraction work better for each feeling!

Feelings and Food - info. from Kerry at Healthy Diet Habits

Healthy diet habits for emotional eating, involve looking at your feelings, and developing strategies for each separate feeling:

  • Sadness: When you are sad, you need to boost your endorphins which are your happy hormones. Rather than eat, the quickest way to do this is through exercise because exercise will raise your endorphins. Exercise is a great Lifestyle Solution to Sadness, rather than eating!

  • Anxiety: When you are anxious, you are hit with spiraling thoughts that go around and around. You often reach for soft, sweet foods like ice cream. Rather than eat, it is important to consciously think positive thoughts and use deep breathing exercises to calm yourself down. If you can’t do this effectively by yourself, you could study a cognitive therapy book to help, or see a therapist or doctor to talk about your problem, if it persists. Thinking positive thoughts and breathing exercises are a great Lifestyle Solution for anxiety, rather than eating.

  • Anger: When people are angry, they usually run to hard crunchy foods. They chew and get their anger out. Great self-talk can help. Ask yourself if you are eating from hunger or anger and why? Ask, “If I don’t eat this now, will I regret it later”? “If I eat it now, how will I feel later”? “Is there a healthier option than eating through my anger”? Developing good self-talk is a great Lifestyle Solution for anger, rather than eating.

  • Boredom: When people are bored, they often eat to have something to do to keep them occupied. Developing a list of activities that you enjoy doing besides eating will help. Keep supplies available for new hobbies that you might like to try. Try to fill your life with more variety to end the boredom permanently. Try volunteering. Adding new activities to your life is a great Lifestyle Solution to dealing with boredom rather than eating.

Feelings and Food - info. from Kerry at Healthy Diet Habits


These are some of the main feelings that cause you to emotionally eat. As you look at the reason behind each of the feelings, it is easier to develop Lifestyle Solutions that will work, rather than eating your way through your feelings, which will lead to some very unhappy feelings later on due to weight gain. If you can figure out your feelings, you can figure out a success strategy to end emotional eating.

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