Activities to do to Control Emotional Eating

It can be difficult to control emotional eating! We emotionally eat for many reasons. It is important to develop lifestyle solutions to end emotional eating. This can be done by creating a list of activities to do in emotional eating situations. Choose the activities you enjoy, and try one next time you want to eat emotionally.

Control Emotional Eating - Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

Here is a list of potential activities to try, instead of eating:

  • Call a friend
  • Take a walk
  • Go jogging
  • Go shopping
  • Work on your stamp collection
  • Work on a jigsaw puzzle
  • Do Sudoku
  • Work a crossword puzzle
  • Read the newspaper
  • Read a book
  • Surf the internet
  • Organize your photos in an album
  • Clean out the linen closet
  • Fold the laundry
  • Have a cup of your favorite tea with honey and lemon
  • Go to the gym
  • Take a Jacuzzi
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Work in your garden and plant some flowers and bulbs
  • Reorganize your closet
  • Clean out your dresser drawers
  • Clean your blinds
  • Defrost your freezer
  • Chew gum
  • Suck a sugarless candy
  • Practice breathing exercises
  • Do yoga
  • Dance to your favorite music
  • Call your Mom and tell her you love her
  • Volunteer to take an older person shopping
  • Volunteer anywhere
  • Go bowling
  • Babysit for your friend
  • Call your best friend and just shoot the breeze
  • Write in your gratitude journal or start one
  • Help your kids with their homework
  • Make a veggie soup for lunches
  • Chop all of your veggies for grab and go snacks
  • Get a haircut
  • Paint your fingernails and your toenails
  • Floss your teeth
  • Take your dog for a walk
  • Pray
  • Write a note to a friend who is struggling
  • Write a thank-you card to a friend to cheer them up
  • Check all of your emails and answer them
  • Twitter
  • Work on your blog
  • Work on your website
  • Learn about something you did not know about
  • Work on your favorite hobby
  • Go to a quilt show with a friend
  • Go to a movie with a friend
  • Rent a video and watch with your sweetie
  • Organize your files
  • Organize your books into categories
  • Paint a room in your house a bright color
  • Clean your kitchen windows
  • Wash your draperies
  • Clean your shower or tub
  • Organize your garage
  • Clean out your gutters
  • Water your garden
  • Start an indoor herb garden
  • Facebook a friend a nice message
  • Check out your friends facebook pages
  • Walk around the nearest garden store
  • Browse the mall
  • Vacuum your car
  • Take a short nap in the sun
  • Clean out your pantry of all food past due
  • Play solitaire
  • Get a hot stone massage
  • Dust your furniture
  • Organize your bathroom drawers
  • Change your shower curtain
  • Try something new that you have not done before

This is a list off of the top of my head and took me maybe 5 minutes. Develop your own list if you feel led, otherwise use some of my ideas when you need something to do rather than eat!!! This is a great healthy diet habit to adopt!

Control Emotional Eating - Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

Additional Information on Emotional Eating Includes:

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