What is an Emotional Eater?

Have you always had a sneaking suspicion that you might be an emotional eater? Check out these qualities to find out for sure!

Are you an Emotional Eater?

Are YOU an Emotional Eater?

You might be an emotional eater and need to develop some healthy diet habits if:

  • You think about food many times during the day.

  • You eat until you are stuffed and kind of feeling sick.

  • You eat when you are worried, upset or stressed.

  • You eat when you are bored.

  • You eat when you are feeling anxious or for any emotion.

  • You sneak food because you are embarrassed by how much or what you eat.

  • You feel guilty after eating.

  • You eat small amounts in public but when you are by yourself you eat more.

  • You might even have a secret place you eat like your car or in your bed.

  • You binge on huge quantities of food.

  • You can’t limit yourself to one serving, but might eat an entire bag of cookies or gallon of ice cream.

  • You eat when you are not physically hungry.

  • You lie to yourself about the quantities that you actually eat.

  • You are a person with impulse problems.

  • You frequently Yo-Yo diet.

  • You eat very quickly.

  • You hide evidence that you ate, like the wrappers.

  • When you are eating you feel out of control or distressed.

  • You use food to avoid uncomfortable feelings.

  • You have missed work, school, or social events because of your weight or eating habits.

  • Your weight on the scale affects your mood for the entire day.

  • You believe that your weight is ultimately tied to your happiness.

Welcome! You passed, and are officially an emotional eater.

I would encourage you to learn as much as you can, because having an awareness of your problem is half of the battle. From there, you can develop some healthy diet habits and lifestyle solutions that will allow you to handle emotional eating.

Strategies can help you to deal with your thoughts, emotions, feelings and behavior. There is much hope, so don't be discouraged! Keep reading though my emotional eating section for lots of tips!

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