Food Triggers

Food triggers are very difficult to control. Most of you have a food, or type of food that is so difficult for you to resist that once you start to eat it, you can’t stop.

For some of you, 70 pounds of unwanted weight can be traced back to that first bite of chocolate you ate, after having lost that same 70 pounds, when you avoided chocolate for a year. Chocolate causes you to lose total control and is a trigger food for you!

There are strategies that tell you to flood your life with chocolate and it eventually will not trigger you. How much weight must you gain for that to happen?

Caramel Popcorn
Food Trigger Information from Kerry at Healthy Diet Habits

Your best bet would be to learn how to "box in" or "box out" your trigger foods. This is a Lifestyle Solution, developed by Stephen Gullo, Ph.D., author of "The Thin Commandments Diet" and "Thin Tastes Better", two of my favorite books.

I think he’s the genius of weight control, and everyone should own his books because of their practicality. He presents what works! He teaches you how to eat the foods that you love and evaluate, if you can keep your trigger foods in your life or not.

Boxing In Trigger Foods

"Boxing in" foods is his term for learning strategies to keep your favorite foods in your life. You would learn how to:

  • Limit frequency
  • Limit availability
  • Limit quantity


Tips on Dealing with Food Triggers by Kerry of Healthy Diet Habits

Boxing Out Trigger Foods

"Boxing Out" a food is when this food is just too difficult to control, and you decide you will just not eat it. You will not reevaluate this decision every time you face your trigger food. You will accept it does not work for you.

The Thin Commandments Diet offers "The 10 No-Fail Strategies for Permanent Weight Loss" and will help you develop healthy diet habits.

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