Mindless Eating Strategy 10

Mindless Eating Strategy 10, is the final top 10 strategy that author, Brian Wansink, P.H.D. describes in his book, Mindless Eating. These are Mindless Eating Strategies that you need to understand, and incorporate into your life:


Mindless Eating Strategy 10:

Practice moving from mindlessly overeating to mindlessly better eating. Re-engineer your personal food environment. Turn food from temptation or regret, to something you guiltlessly enjoy. It is possible to lose 10 to 20 pounds a year effortlessly, if you develop a mindful eating plan that works for you. Here is Brian Wansink’s plan in a nutshell:

  • Mindless Margin - Make 100 to 200 calorie changes in your daily eating, and you will not feel deprived and backslide.

  • Practice Mindless Better Eating - Focus on re-engineering the small behaviors that will move you from mindlessly overeating to mindlessly eating better.

  • Practice Mindful Re-engineering - To cut back your mindless margin, use food trade-offs (I can have dessert, if I have exercised, or if I really want it after I have finished my meal. Pause and think!

  • Also develop Food Policies like: I will serve myself 20% less, never eat at my desk, have a muffin on Saturday, and eat only half size desserts. These food policies allow you the chance to eat what you love without the labored decisions.

  • Practice the Power of Three: Choose 3 easy changes that you can mindlessly make, without a lot of sacrifice. If you choose 3 ways to save 100 calories per day, you will lose 30 pounds this year, and develop healthy diet habits.

  • Develop a Mindless margin checklist, to help you move from mindlessly overeating to mindlessly eating better. Decide on three changes, and make a checklist for a month and check them off daily if you were successful. It takes a month to form a habit. Three examples might be:
  1. Use the half plate rule
  2. Slow down eating, and start and finish last
  3. Only serve vegetables family style.

These are three easy habits to develop. Keep track on your Mindless Margin Daily Checklist. (Right click on the link to download, or left click to print from your browser window)

Salmon Dinner


Brian Wansink’s book, Mindless Eating, is very practical, and I love that his healthy diet habits, include both food and behavior. He does not encourage dieting, but Lifestyle Solutions to correct unhealthy diet habits.

Brian Wansink's, Mindless Eating book is one of my "Top 10 Recommended Books" to read!

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