Bell Pepper Tips

The bell pepper is one of the most versatile vegetables known! It's a healthy diet habit to add them to most recipes for a boost of health and flavor, especially the red peppers that are full of antioxidants!

Bell Peppers - Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

Facts about Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers - Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

  • They come in the colors of the rainbow from yellow, orange, red, green, to purple.

  • They taste sweet and lack the heat of other peppers.

  • They contain many phytonutrients, vitamins, and fiber.

  • They are a summer vegetable so are freshest at the end of summer.

  • Choose ones that are crispy with no soft spots.

  • They vary in size and shape.

  • They are very low calorie.

  • Can be eaten raw, grilled, roasted, baked, chopped, or added to any recipe.

  • Can be frozen for later use. Chop them and freeze them in freezer bags.

  • They are 10th on the 2016 list of dirty dozen produce for pesticides, so consider buying organic!

Tips for Using Bell Peppers

Roasted Peppers - Info. from Healthy Diet Habits

  • Add chopped peppers to your tuna, salmon, or egg salad sandwiches. Finely chop them and add them in for extra crunch. I try to fill my meat salad recipes half full of vegetables to extend them and lower the calories.

  • Add giant chunks of peppers to your grilled kebobs. Pair them with your favorite meat and grilling veggies and fruits. Add different colored varieties for a beautiful presentation!

Vegetable Kabobs

  • Add them to your slaw recipes. You can chop them or finely slice them and add them to broccoli slaw or cabbage slaw for added taste.
  • Turn your peppers into great dips or hummus mixes by pureeing them first. Red pepper hummus is a treat.
  • Adding a Bell Pepper to any stir fry is a great addition. They pair well with any veggies. Slice them in long strips. They cook quickly though and it is usually best to cook them separately or they will quickly overcook and there is nothing worse.
  • An old time recipe that is making a comeback in a big way is stuffed peppers. They can be stuffed with any combination of meat, veggies, beans, grains, herbs and spices.
  • They can be simply sliced and eaten raw or with a dip as a side dish to any lunch or dinner. They make great low calorie dippers, rather than fried chips!
  • They can be chopped and added to any spaghetti sauce, meat loaf, taco meat, lasagna recipe, or casserole of choice. They can also be blended into the sauce for flavor, but no texture or just to hide them from picky eaters.
  • They can be added to any egg dish for added crunch and flavor. Frittatas, omelets and scrambled eggs look beautiful full of chopped peppers.
  • They can be added to any salad combination that you can think of or any salsa combination known!
  • They can be put under the broiler and grilled until dark, then placed in a plastic bag for a few minutes, then run under cold water and easily skinned. They are tasteful this way in fresh salads!
  • Add them to any smoothie recipe for added sweetness
  • Add them to any soup recipe either chopped or blended first.
  • Chop them and top your pizza with them. Nothing better.
  • They can be chopped and added to any sandwich, wrap, or pita combo.

  • Purple Pepper

    Making bell peppers a staple in your home is a lifestyle solution that you want to encourage. They can be added to almost any dish for added flavor! They are real foods that are packed full of nutrients and fiber, so they fill you up, without filling you out!

    Purple Pepper Salad

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