Easter Meals

Easter Eggs

Easter Meals, especially with all the added sugar from all the Easter candy, can be transformed with a some meal planning and a few Healthy Diet Habits, and healthier food substitutions to make for some new Easter Meal traditions!

The focus of many a holiday is the family meal? We have our generational menu that has been passed down through the ages. Healthy or not, our kids cannot make it without the famous Jell-O salad with the vanilla ice cream, or the starchy carbohydrate array!

Easter is no exception! Most of us will be making ham, potatoes, corn, bread or rolls, Jell-o, and maybe a token green salad or green veggie, and pie. I am dining with my wonderful friend’s family. That is our meal plan, the traditional Easter meal! My friend asked me to bring a green salad, because in her words, "You guys like green stuff." Too funny!

Should we just accept this traditional meal, or look for some ways to make some changes? Well? My choice is always: "Follow the half plate rule when possible." How would that look for the Easter meal? 

How about this menu plan:

  • Ham

  • Roasted Potatoes drizzled with olive oil, sea salt, pepper

  • Chopped salad full of colorful veggies (Easter is colorful)

  • Asparagus - cooked how you love it!

  • Sliced melons


Easter Cake

This would be a great meal, enjoyed by all. It’s similar to our traditional Easter meal, but half of our plate would be full of veggies! Yeah! Usually melons would be our dessert of choice, but because this is a special holiday, we will add in the dessert. I guarantee that you would be satisfied, and even feel better than the heavier filling meal.

Let’s think outside of the box with our meals. Changes do not mean doing without, just adding some new tasty, healthier foods! Change tastes better!

Just a note too: If the research is correct that sugar is tied to insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome and cancer, it might be a great idea to limit sugar in your kids’ Easter baskets! Substitute in some healthy foods or treats that are not food, like a trip to the zoo or aquarium! Let’s make some new traditions that are not centered on sugar! We have been played long enough by the sugar industry!

Easter Cake

Easter Cake made by my niece Amanda 

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