Homemade Emergency Supplies Kit

homemade emergency supplies kit is well thought out, and will include everything you need in an emergency, because it can be difficult to locate separate items during the actual emergency. You need everything in one place, that is ready to pick up and go. Storing everything in a backpack, or backpacking pack is ideal!

Survival Gear items that should be included in the kit are:

  • Large flashlight with built in radio

  • Batteries

  • Small radio/batteries/ear buds

  • Crank lanterns

  • Waterproof matches or matches

  • Small box of Trash bags

  • Small box of Large black trash bags (These can be taped over broken windows)

  • Sleeping bags for each person

  • Leather work gloves

  • First aid kit and bandages

  • Water filtration kit or bottle

  • Water sanitation tablets

  • Portable or camping stove

  • Fuel for Stove

  • Camping sporks for all

  • Paper plates

  • Plastic cups

  • Extra pair of glasses

  • 1 weeks worth of Medication / Vitamins

  • Tarp

  • Duct tape

  • Pocket tool

  • Container of Wipes for Cleaning

  • Body wipes for personal hygiene

  • Stuffed animal for each child

  • Couple of small card games

  • Set of old tennis shoes for each family member

  • Change of clothes for each family member

  • A lightweight or heavy coat, or rain jacket for each family member, depending on the season of year

  • Cash or checks (In many emergencies when the power is out, the cash machines are down, and stores only take cash)

Emergency Supplies Food

During an emergency, it is important to fill up on healthy high calorie foods. Great choices are:

  • High calorie nutrition bars that can be used as a meal substitution to avoid cooking. Check out REI.

  • Jerky

  • Nuts

  • Dried Fruits

  • Backpacking trail mixes

  • Boxed Cereal or Granola or Oatmeal

  • Powdered milk, hot chocolate, tang.....

  • Canned Foods like soups, canned meats, stews, chili, and spaghetti, anything you can open, heat, and tastes decent. Higher calories are great. Check out Costco canned goods! Look for cans that have a long shelf life.

  • Bagged rice or beans.

  • Candy for treats, fruit snacks, licorice etc.

  • Backpacking meals or Emergency Meals that are freeze dried. These have a long shelf life which is great!

These are a few of the foods that I keep on hand for emergencies, but anything that your family loves that has a long shelf life works. The goal of your food is not necessarily the greatest nutrition, but quick foods that will satisfy your hunger with little or no hassle.

When you are facing an emergency, the last thing you want to worry about is what you are going to cook. I always try to keep kid friendly grab and go foods that I do not often buy. This can turn an emergency into a treat time for kids.

Think ahead and you will be so glad during the emergency that you took the extra thought and time on emergency preparedness and have your emergency supplies ready to go!

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