Fresh Fruit Desserts

In many cultures, fresh fruit desserts are the dessert of choice, rather than a big gooey dessert extravaganza that’s overkill. I am not talking about a dessert that includes fruit, like apple pie, but a dessert that is the fruit itself! In Morocco, we were always served a large bowl of fresh fruit at the completion of a meal. The fruit was uncut, but knives were strategically placed in the bowl so guests could cut their own fruit. Fruit can be a wonderful addition to the dessert table and should be your dessert of choice for great weight control and health. Most of the time, heavy desserts are not needed or wanted, and guests often needlessly stuff themselves to avoid embarrassing the host.

Citrus Salad

Citrus Salad

Fun Fruit Dessert Ideas

Sliced Fruit Platter: Any seasonal fruit can be added to a fruit platter. Aim for lots of different colored fruits. Perfect your presentation and balance out the colors. Nothing is more gorgeous than a beautifully done fruit platter.

Fruit Platter

Fruit Salads: Any blend of 3 or 4 fruits can make a gorgeous fruit salad. Drizzle honey over the top and choose fruits that are different colors. This is a simple idea for summer when fruits abound. They should complete every meal.

Berries, Bananas, Grapes and Mango Salad

Fruit Salad Drizzled with Agave

Fruit Salad

Mixed Fruits

Chocolate and Fruit: Any fruit goes well with chocolate, especially strawberries! Melt good chocolate and a little bit of coconut oil together and dip your fruit. You can place the chocolate in a fondue pot and let your guests dip their own fruit of choice!

Strawberries with Chocolate

Sliced Fruits: Oranges and apples sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon is a loved dessert in our family and so simple to prepare. It’s like fruited cinnamon toast.

Sliced oranges with cinnamon/sugar

Bowl of Fruit: A large bowl of fruit with knives surrounding the fruit for guests to cut their own fruit choice. This is a very fun way to serve simple fruits.


Including healthy recipes and fruit desserts in your meal planning is a great healthy diet habit. Fruit is naturally low calorie and satisfying and does not cause you to crave another piece, like cookies, pies, and cakes might! A little sweet, delights the palate when the meal is done too!

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