Pregnancy and Teflon

Pregnancy and Teflon might not be a healthy diet habit, but you as a user must use your own judgement. You must be the decision maker on this one, but I would advise you to avoid non-stick pans always, for these reasons:

Pregnancy and Teflon Info/Tips from Healthy Diet Habits


  • The US EPA has identified a cancer-causing chemical used in the production of Teflon. This chemical does not end up in the final product. What about the environment though? The chemical is called Perfluorotanoic acid or (PFOA). It is used in making non-stick pans, carpet coatings, textiles, leather and paper. (Scary to me)

  • PFOA has been linked to cancer, liver damage, growth defects, immune system damage, and death. There isn’t direct evidence that it’s harmful to humans, according to ABC Health and Wellbeing. (Scary to me)

  • Non-stick Teflon pans release 15 toxic chemicals when they are used at high temperatures. I tend to use high temperatures to cook a stir fry or to fry meat. The companies that make them caution not to use them at high temperatures, and give the proper temperatures to cook with. I do not have a way to judge how hot my pan is cooking at. I do not even know if one exists? Basically, if your pan or oil starts to smoke, you are overcooking. This will cause you a headache, backache, chills and fever or the "Teflon flu." (Scary to me)


The companies that are making these products assure us that they are safe, but this is a decision that you need to decide about yourself. My decision is always, "When in doubt, do without."

My recommendation would be to use stainless steel cookware instead, while you are pregnant and your kids are young. Off-gassing from Teflon that can kill your pet bird, can’t be good for you, your baby or small children! You want to have a Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Infants, and Healthy Kids!

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