Pregnancy Nausea Tips

Here is my Top 10 Pregnancy Nausea Tips to help in your first trimester.

Congratulations, you are pregnant, and want to learn some healthy diet habits that will help with your nausea! If you are one of the lucky 10% to 40% of pregnant women, you will face little nausea during this time. For the rest of you, nausea might be a way of life for the next three months!

Here is my Top 10 Pregnancy Nausea Tips to help in your first trimester - by Healthy Diet Habits

Pregnancy Nutrition Tips for Nausea

Here are a few pregnancy nutrition tips, and healthy pregnancy tips that should help with your pregnancy nausea:

  • Avoid smells that trigger nausea. Many of you will be sickened by the smell of meat cooking, coffee brewing and anything with a strong smell. Do not cook offending foods again. If your nausea is too bad, it is okay to eat cold meals for a few weeks. Ground meat cooking will almost certainly do you in! Buy pre-cooked meats so you will not have to smell it cooking. Switch to herb tea which is a better choice than coffee during pregnancy anyway!

  • Keep track of your triggers and see if you can figure out the difference between your good days and bad days. Get the triggers out of your home.

  • Eat smaller meals. Drink your liquids in between meals so your stomach does not stretch as much. Eat plain, easy to digest foods like healthy grains and non-spicy foods. Eat what sounds good to you.

  • Eat before you get up in the morning. Keep a stash of crackers by your bed, and have your sweetie bring you herb tea in bed!

  • Keep your blood sugar up by eating frequently during the day. Falling blood sugar can make you nauseous. Force yourself to eat, even if you are not hungry, or you will get nauseous. Remind yourself of that.

  • Avoid high fat foods which can make you nauseous also. Your body just can’t digest fried food well. This is the type of food that may make you throw up, if you do not listen! Yes, I have some awful memories of a fried fish meal!

  • Stress can increase your nausea, so try to keep stress low. Be proactive and enlist your family and friends to take over some of the activities that are stressing you out. Relax, join a pregnancy yoga class, or go for a prenatal massage, which is a good healthy pregnancy habit to start now! My niece Brie Storz, is a Certified Massage Therapist in Sacramento, California who specializes in Prenatal Massage, and Prenatal Massage in the Delivery Room. She has a great list of the Benefits of Prenatal Massage on her website. Check out the benefits, and find a Massage Therapist who lives in your city, who is Certified in Prenatal Massage, and get on a regular schedule to keep your pregnancy stress under control.

  • Increase your liquids during pregnancy. This will greatly help with nausea. Being slightly dehydrated can lead to nausea, whether you are pregnant or not. Combining dehydration with pregnancy is a recipe for disaster! Keep track of your water consumption. You may think you are drinking more than you really are.

  • Stay active, and get out of the house. Pregnancy is a great time to go for a daily walk. Getting out of the house can take your mind off of your pregnancy nausea. Try to keep your focus on other things besides your nausea. This is easier when you are away from home.


A great Lifestyle Solution is to develop a list of foods that do not seem to bother you like plain fruits, yogurts, grain cereals, and whole grains, rice, puddings, plain crackers and pretzels, peppermint tea or foods containing ginger and eat those foods.

Keep a list of the foods that bother you, and keep them out of the house! Known offenders that can cause pregnancy nausea, are all fried foods, high fat foods, onions, sausages, ground meat, coffee, gassy veggies like cauliflower and cabbage, and also avoid foods with chemicals and MSG always.

If you find that you are continually nauseous, vomiting and can’t eat or drink, see your doctor. Dehydration is very serious to pregnant women. Do not suffer in silence, but get help!

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