Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl parties are a chance for friends to get together and indulge in snacks and cheer on their favorite team! Packaged chips, high fat dips, Little Smokies, and any other high fat food that catches your eye is a must! You've been doing a great job with your New Year's Weight Loss Tips and Diet Resolutions, but rules are meant to be broken! Not so!

Life is about developing Lifestyle Solutions for the event days that you face in life! There are many delectable healthy snack ideas worthy of a football party that will delight everyone. Who wants the Monday morning food hangover anyway!

Snacks and Habits to Avoid

Super Bowl Snacks and Unhealthy Diet Habits to Avoid:

  • Avoid store bought dips. Be sure and check out the calorie counts. Most dips are very caloric and most of you will eat many servings of dip; maybe an entire day's calories.

  • Avoid large bags of chips, chips, and more chips.

  • Avoid appetizers. They are calorie laden and small. It takes a lot of them to curb hunger.

  • Avoid serving food by your television to avoid mindless eating. Watching television and eating is a deadly combination for overeating.

  • Avoid serving a huge variety of different types of foods. Indecision causes overeating.

  • Avoid nuts even though they are healthy. They are so caloric and so easy to grab and overeat.

  • Avoid desserts. Everyone is always so full from overeating that desserts are not appreciated.

  • Avoid purchasing high calorie processed foods. Check out the calorie counts. If they are caloric, slowly put them back! Your friends will thank you.

  • Avoid purchasing giant Costco bags of appetizers. You will be forced to eat them later on.

  • Limit alcohol. Enough said!

Healthy Snack Options and Habits

Healthy Fruits and Veggies for a Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Snacks and Healthy Diet Habits to Practice:

  • Serve chopped vegetables with a light dressing as a dip.

  • Serve a home-made salsa full of chopped fresh vegetables and herbs.

  • Serve oven-baked corn tortilla chips, or pita chips lightly sprayed with oil.

  • Serve large chopped vegetables as your dippers, rather than chips.

  • Serve fresh fruit kebobs or grilled vegetable kebobs.

  • Serve oven roasted vegetables for appetizers.

  • Serve whole grain breads, and lean nitrate free sandwich meats. Choose artisan breads that are so much better.

  • Serve air-popped popcorn spritzed with olive oil and sprinkled with a bit of fresh parmesan cheese.

  • Serve food in your kitchen. People will eat less if it is not right in front of them.

  • Serve a yogurt bar with fresh fruits, nuts, granola, and dried fruits, if you are offering dessert.

Your Super Bowl snacks should be colorful; full of fruits and vegetables, rather than colorful chips! Stick with fresh real foods that are not processed and you will feel a whole lot better on Monday!

Each day is a day to practice healthy diet habits and avoid those unhealthy diet habits that have brought you down in the past! Weight Loss and Weight Control are doable!

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