Healthy Bread Recipes

banana bread

Including healthy bread recipes in your diet is a healthy diet habit, even though many of you strive to eliminate breads completely. Just make sure you have a proper understanding of what a grain serving actually constitutes, and practice the half plate rule! Keeping your servings within the grain guidelines is a great lifestyle solution to adopt, rather than overindulging or completely eliminating grains.

Store bought breads can be filled with many ingredients and fillers like cellulose, some of which are questionable. Making different varieties at home allows you to choose healthy ingredients that you love, and eliminate additives that are not needed. You can substitute whole grain flours, and the nuts and seeds that your family loves. Best of all, baking at home can save you money. Those healthy whole grain choices at the market are often over $5.00 a loaf, which is very pricey! Pull out your bread machine, dust it off, and put it into action! Practice food frugality!

This section will include recipes that use yeast, as well as sweet ones that are dessert worthy. Whenever possible, recipes will be lightened to produce healthier products! I will also include some sweet recipes that are eggless, for those of you with egg allergies! I love it that you do not need to give up the foods that you love, just find substitutions that work for you!


Soda Bread

Healthy Soda Bread Recipe


Baking Powder Recipes:

corn bread


Sweet Bread Recipes:

strawberry bread

Yeast Recipes:

oatmeal bread


If you have a great bread recipe, please send it in and I will possibly include it!

Happy Baking to All!

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