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Diets Don’t Work, But Lifestyle Solutions Do!

By implementing Healthy Diet Habits, you can experience success! Lifestyle Solutions, provides this healthy eating site, that will provide you with simple substitutions of healthy foods, and tips for healthy lifestyle changes. Most of us eat when we are hungry, only 20% of the time. It’s what happens the other 80% of the time, that gets us into trouble! This site will help you develop your personal history with food, as well as develop great Healthy Diet Habits to deal with food in your life.

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Healthy Diet Habits include tips on:

Are you an Emotional Eater?

Emotional Eating, is at the heart of many food problems, and weight gain. We eat because we are happy, sad, lonely, or mad. We eat for any reason that involves our emotions. Food is not just about nutrition, but a source of comfort. Diets rarely address eating emotionally.

Are you a Mindless Eater?

Mindless Eating, is an everyday occurrence for most of us. We live in a world where food is everywhere in our everyday path. We mindlessly eat it, whether we are hungry or not. Diets do not address how to navigate a world full of food. They just tell you what to eat.

Are you a Stress Eater?

The world is spinning faster and faster, and we try to keep up, but the stress is overwhelming! Stress triggers hormones in our bodies that cause us to be hungrier, and we eat more, and gain weight. We eat because of stress. Diets do not explain the science of why some of us are actually hungrier than others.

Are you a Person with Unhealthy Diet Habits?

Many of us have a repertoire of unhealthy diet habits, that influence what, and how we eat. It could be improper portion control, dashboard dining, fast food dining, or nighttime nibbling, to name a few. We are creative in developing habits that make it difficult to remain at a healthy weight. Diets overlook our habits by telling us what to eat.

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Easter Meals

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These are the main tenets, or message of the website "Healthy Diet Habits" and our business "Lifestyle Solutions"!


H = History of Food in YOUR Life
D = Develop Emotional and Mindless Eating Strategies
H = Habit Relearning
F = Food Choices / Nutrition
L = Lifestyle Changes Work Long Term
S = Simple Substitutions

Healthy Diet Habit Tips to Make Lifestyle Solutions

Healthy Diet Habits

Here are my Top 10 Healthy Diet Habits to make Lifestyle Solutions for permanent weight control. Plus links to lots of other tip pages!!

See the Lifestyle Solutions process by Healthy Diet Habits

Lifestyle Solutions

With Lifestyle Solutions, you learn to develop a plan to incorporate healthy diet habits into your life and make lifestyle changes for health. It is a new way of life! See the step by step process!

Being successful at Weight Loss, and Weight Control, involves examining your personal history with food, and developing a Healthy Eating Plan, that builds an awareness of how you use food in your life. It is not just "what you eat", but "how you eat", that must be dealt with.

Healthy Diet Habits can be learned, as you identify your Unhealthy Diet Habits, and develop great strategies to overcome them. A Healthy Lifestyle, promotes developing Healthy Diet Habits and incorporating exercise into your life!

This site will be user friendly, and always practical, and to the point!


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Whether you are eating emotionally, or mindlessly, Healthy Diet Habits can promote weight control and weight loss! Lifestyle Solutions, provides practical tips for healthy lifestyle changes!
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The "My Story" page, tells a little bit about my life story, and how I came to be writing a Healthy Diet Habits website to share my Dietetics knowledge with others.
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Why We Eat - Info. from Healthy Diet Habits
Why we eat, and your desire to eat can be from many different signals. The average person eats 20% from physical hunger, and 80% for other reasons. We examine the reasons for eating.
Dieting doesn't work, but Lifestyle Changes do! | Healthy Diet Habits
Dieting is a multi-million dollar business in the United States. Diets stress willpower. Lifestyle Solutions stress developing healthy eating habits.
Diet Goals Process and Tips from Healthy Diet Habits
The diet goals process must be doable. Break it down and develop a path to get there that includes actions that are attainable!
Summary of Diet Plans from Healthy Diet Habits
The summary of Diet Plans page, will provide a list of all of the current top diet programs. From this page, I will link to diet reviews of each diet. Diets don't work, but Healthy Diet Habits Do!!
Diet Statistics - Kerry's Rant! | Healthy Diet Habits
Kerry's Rant on Diet Statistics shows that most women are delusional, when they rate their eating habits somewhere between, "really good", and "pretty good", Diet Statistics prove otherwise!
Healthy Diet Tips that can help you be a success at Weight Control!
Healthy diet tips can help you to lose weight rather than dieting. Change 3 habits per month by incorporating healthy diet habits into your life! This can add up to great weight loss! 60 Tips to try!
Tips to Undiet - Information from Healthy Diet Habits
Tips to Undiet - Diet's don't work, but Lifestyle Solutions do! If you would stop dieting, and do nothing else but adopt a few of these Healthy Diet Habits, you might be surprised at your success!!
Emotional Eating Information from Healthy Diet Habits
Emotional Eating is a learned reaction to life, which has become a set of "bad habits". These can be changed by developing a great set of healthy diet habits.
Food Habits - Info. from Healthy Diet Habits
Poor Food Habits are harmful in weight control. Successful weight loss is about developing new Healthy Diet Habits for Lifestyle Solutions that will help with habit control.
Food Deprivation Info. from Healthy Diet Habits
Dieting and Food Deprivation go together, and lead to the failure of most dieting. You must develop some healthy food habits that will help you to end deprivation and change your behavior!
Mindless Eating Tips from Healthy Diet Habits
Mindless Eating is the name of Brian Wansink's book that has revolutionized the dieting industry. This page will summarize his top healthy diet habits and tips for success!
Portion Distortion is an unhealthy diet habit that is taking over!
Could Portion Distortion be the cause of the obesity crisis in this country today? Let's take a Look.....
Your Thoughts Can Get You In Trouble When it Comes to Food!
Understanding your thoughts will help you in developing Healthy Diet Habits and Lifestyle Solutions for weight control. To lose weight, you might need to first, train your brain!
Unhealthy Diet Habits that weigh you down and Healthy Diet Habits
Here is my list of 100 Unhealthy Diet Habits that get us into big trouble, and a way to develop each bad food habit, into a healthy diet habit for Lifestyle Solutions for weight control and health!
Health Weight Problems - Info. from Healthy Diet Habits
Here is a sobering list of the Health Weight Problems caused by being overweight or obese! Simple lifestyle solutions can greatly help by developing healthy diet habits! Eat for Health!
Obesity Top News, Research, and Information from Healthy Diet Habits
Obesity is a very hot topic in our country, because 1 out of 3 people are considered obese. Lifestyle Solutions will keep you current on research efforts, and offer suggestions on healthy diet habits.
Stress is a Constant for Many of Us Today's World Full of Stress!
Stress causes us to feel overwhelmed and many of us turn to emotional eating. Knowing what causes you to turn to food in stressful times is key to overcoming weight gain!
Produce: Fruit Tips and Vegetable Tips from Healthy Diet Habits
Eating enough produce daily might be the biggest diet tip ever! We are all too busy to do the prep work that those fruits and veggies require! Find tips on adding more produce to your busy lives!
Seasonal Food: Eating Seasonally Provides the Best Way to Enjoy Food
Eating seasonal food requires creativity, the ability to cook, and an adventuresome spirit! It's the best way to enjoy great food. Find seasonal tips that focus on produce, recipes, and cooking!
Top 10 Healthy Diet Habits to Make Lifestyle Solutions
Here are my Top 10 Healthy Diet Habits to make Lifestyle Solutions for permanent weight control. Plus other tips!!
Healthy foods lead to healthy families! Tips from Healthy Diet Habits.
Healthy Foods means purchasing foods not treated with hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, any chemicals, or genetically modified foods. All Food should be healthy foods!
Organic Foods are a hot topic these days-Tips from Healthy Diet Habits
Organic Foods - If you can, spend the extra money to buy organic produce, especially on the foods with the most food chemicals and pesticides.
Food Substitutions - Tips from Healthy Diet Habits
Knowing good food substitutions, is one of the most successful healthy diet habits that should be incorporated into your life for weight control and lifestyle solutions!
Lifestyle Solutions are the Opposites of Diets!
With Lifestyle Solutions, you learn to develop a plan to incorporate healthy diet habits into your life and make lifestyle changes for health. It is a new way of life!
Eating Triggers fill your environment! Tips from Healthy Diet Habits!
Your Eating Triggers, things that cause you to lose control of your eating, can be managed by developing great Lifestyle Solutions and Healthy Diet Habits!
The Eat Right America Program is being advertised through Whole Foods Market
I really loved the Eat Right America Program. The program is not a diet, but is about eating healthy!
Exercise For a Healthy Lifestyle - Tips from Healthy Diet Habits
Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle! You can add movement at home or away from home! Simple tips to help you get started, even if it is just walking!
Food Journaling Tips from Healthy Diet Habits
Food Journaling is the single best predictor of weight loss, and people who keep a food journal lose twice as much weight and will help you to build healthy diet habits and make Lifestyle Changes!
Simple Healthy Eating Tips from Healthy Diet Habits
You need to practice Simple Healthy Eating, long-term to be successful at Weight Control! The R.I.S.E. Concept is a simple way to include Healthy Diet Habits into your life for Lifestyle Solutions!
Weight Loss by Long Term Lifestyle Changes that Don't Require Dieting
Long term weight loss is a result of changing your unhealthy diet habits by changing your lifestyle. It's about figuring out your specific reasons for overeating and developing strategies that help!!
Meal Planning Tips from Healthy Diet Habits
Meal Planning is not a Healthy Diet Habit that most people engage in. A Meal Plan allows you to plan healthy meals that include all of the healthy nutrients that you need for the day!
Planning Healthy Holiday Meals is the Key to Special Holidays!
Planning Healthy Holiday Meals is needed, as many holiday meals revolve around heavy starchy foods. Using Healthy Diet Habits, you can lighten up your meals, but still make them delicious!
Nutrition info. from Healthy Diet Habits
Nutrition is described as getting the nutrients that your body needs to be healthy. This site will concentrate on developing healthy diet habits that will help you eat nutritionally well.
Healthy Eating is very simple, or it should be! Learn helpful tips!
Your goal of Healthy Eating, or Healthy Diet Habits at each meal, should be to get as much nutrition as you can. The simplest way, is to follow the Half Plate Rule!
Healthy Cooking Tips from Healthy Diet Habits
Healthy cooking is a process but most of us never get beyond reading a recipe. Learn to put together a meal with what is in your refrigerator and pantry! Great cooks can!
Healthy Recipes from Healthy Diet Habits
Healthy Recipes are a lifestyle solution for fast food in our lives. Our recipe section will focus on healthy quick recipes that take no more than 30 minutes to prepare. Share Your Healthy Recipes!
Healthy Grocery Shopping Info. and Tips from Healthy Diet Habits
Healthy grocery shopping is a learned skill that can save you time, money, and many calories! Find great tips to practice at the grocery store! It will be easier to navigate the world of food!
Healthy Grocery List from Healthy Diet Habits
Here is my Healthy Grocery List of mostly healthy items that I consistently shop for. I mostly shop for real foods, so I have kept processed foods to a minimum.
Emergency Preparedness - You Can't Afford Not to Be Prepared!
Emergency Preparedness is a Lifestyle Solution that you all need to undertake. Natural Disasters seem to be a daily occurrence. You'll need Emergency Supplies and an Emergency Food and Water Supply!
Healthy Infants Nutrition Tips from Healthy Diet Habits
Every parent wants Healthy Infants! The first years of your babies life are critical in their development and healthy infant nutrition is a must!
Healthy Kids - Tips for parent from Healthy Diet Habits.
Healthy kids that are emotionally secure, confident, smart, good looking, with great self image and that make good choices is the wish of every parent! It’s up to you to help your kids!
A Healthy Pregnancy is the Goal of Every Pregnant Woman!
To have a Healthy Pregnancy you will want to be practicing healthy diet habits and healthy pregnancy habits.
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