Healthy Infants

How can you as a parent help your babies to be Healthy Infants? The first years of your babies’ life are critical in their development. They are growing at an amazing rate and need healthy nutrition to fuel that growth and development. This is the time that you want to be introducing healthy diet habits into your babies’ life every single new month, nursing time, meal or snack! But let’s stick to the basics first!

Healthy Infant Tips from Healthy Diet Habits


A baby is a blessing. It is easy to get caught up in these decisions and become stressed and worried that you will make a wrong decision. Develop the Lifestyle Solution of common sense! You will need great common sense dealing with your kids throughout their life. Talk with your pediatrician often, your mom, older women, friends, and relax. You are not reinventing the wheel! There is lots of great advice available. You are not in this by yourself!

Healthy Infant Tips from Healthy Diet Habits

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