Movie Snacks

Are there movie snacks that are healthy snacks? You be the judge! A movie these days can be expensive in more ways than one! First, you pay a small fortune to buy your ticket. On entering the theater, you are bombarded by the smell of freshly popped buttered popcorn. Who can resist the concession stand and all of your movie food favorites? Not many people!


Let’s take a look at your picks and the damage they will inflict according to

Food Item



1 large buttered popcorn (20 cups)

1,500 calories

116 grams fat

1 hot dog/bun

305 calories

4.5 grams fat

1 large order of nachos with cheese (4oz)

1,101 calories

59 grams fat

1 large Coke (18.9 fluid oz)

353 calories

0 grams fat

1 Junior Mints (3 oz)

320 calories

5 grams fat

Skittles (6.75 oz)

765 calories

9 grams fat


Most of you would not think twice about ordering the popcorn and coke combination at the theater. How could you not? They gave you a coupon to get a deal on this combo! Was it really a deal and a good lifestyle solution? Many theaters actually refill your coke and popcorn tub! Thus, double the calories. But let’s say you were being good, used restraint, and did not go for the refill. The combo would only cost you 1,853 calories, and 116 grams of fat. Pump extra butter on yourself and the stats skyrocket! That is almost your entire day’s calories at one non-meal sitting. Yikes! That’s just the popcorn and coke, forgoing your candy favorite too!

My healthy diet habit would be to sneak in a bag of 100 calorie microwave popcorn and a diet coke, if you can’t forgo movie snacks! Many theaters will allow this for health reasons! This movie food substitution would cost you a mere 100 calories and save you almost 1800 calories! Definitely worth the effort to prepare your healthy snacks at home!

Let’s do the math for a movie a week, for a year, and see the damage to your weight, if you order the movie snacks combo. 1,853 x 52/3500 calories per pound =27.5 pounds.

If you visit the theater once a week for a year, and buy the movie snacks combination each time, you will gain 27.5 pounds this year. Many times one habit can set you back many pounds. You might need a lifestyle solution to deal with going to the movies and not an entire diet change!

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