New Years Eve

New Years Eve celebrations have been around for thousands of years and are actually the oldest of all holidays. The time of celebration has changed according to the calendar adopted at the time. At the present time we follow the Gregorian calendar and celebrate this holiday as the end of the Old Year (Dec 31st). It's a time of hope for new and good things to come!


New Years Eve History:

Traditions Include:

  • Out with the Old and in with the New, symbolizing a new start!

  • Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest

  • Staying home in your pajamas with the family and watching a Star Wars, Twilight Zone, Star Trek, or other favorite movie marathon!

  • Lavish Parties, parties and more parties! Which one will you attend?

  • Drinking and eating way too much! No thinking about healthy diet habits allowed!

  • Watching the ball drop in New York Times Square and counting down the seconds!

  • Crazy hats, masks, glasses, glitter, and noisemakers for New Years Eve!

  • Champagne Toasting at midnight to ring in the New Year!

  • Listening to the tune Auld Lang Syne, which is an old Scottish tune! Who even knows the words to that one?

  • Saying Happy New Year as the clock strikes midnight!

  • Kissing at Midnight: Kissing your loved ones and especially your sweetheart! Kissing everyone in the room and not remembering doing it! Failing to kiss your sweetie is thought to bring on a year of coldness!

  • Fireworks displays the world over! Sydney, New York, and Seattle at the Needle, are a few of the better shows! Celebrating and freezing with a few thousand of your favorite friends!

Traditional Party Foods:

  • Eating certain foods during New Years is said to bring you good luck.

  • Foods in the shape of a ring symbolize coming full circle, completely a years' cycle.

  • Foods vary depending on the party that you attend. Many are gourmet feasts and many are just an array of various dips, appetizers, and finger foods! Anything goes! It's about welcoming in the New Year with your friends and family and not about healthy diet habits!


The end of the year is full of excitement! The holiday season is ending, and there is hope for the New Year to come!

A Happy and Safe New Year to All!

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