Stress Management

Here are some Stress Management Tips! It is important to learn ways to eliminate stress in your life. Stress is everywhere, yet weight control needs stress control to be successful.

These are common stress busters that you might try to fight stress rather than eating:

  • Develop relaxation into your life. What do you love to do? This will look different to each one of you. Allow time to relax by reading, getting a massage and taking advantage of the many benefits of massage (from my niece Brie who is a Certified Massage Therapist), listening to your favorite music, taking a warm bath, praying or meditating, taking a yoga or pilates class, learning breathing exercises, or whatever relaxes you.

  • Learn to manage your time better. It is okay to say no to commitments that take your precious time. Saying no will allow room for someone else to take over, that might really want the job and have the time. They might not have had the chance had you continued your stress quest to control everything.

    Make sure you are going in the right direction, and that what you are doing fits your goals. Could you cut things out of your life to make your life simpler? I love the saying "Less is more!"

  • Get rid of clutter in your home. This leads to stress, extra cleaning, extra time spent finding lost items, and just general discontent!

  • Make sure that exercise is part of your life.

  • Plan for 7 to 8 hours of sleep. This will help to control your appetite and your hunger hormones and the world just looks less stressful when you are not tired. You will be amazed at how clear your thinking becomes when you are not sleep deprived. You can actually accomplish more when you are not tired.

  • Keep yourself organized. Maybe you need to turn off the television more, limit Facebook, or just turn your computer off for the evening.

  • Make sure that you have a good support system, but be careful because many friendships center on food. Friends who offer you food when you are stressed might not be great friends to hang with! No more half gallon ice cream parties!!!

  • Develop your own list of top 10 stress busters that work for you. It could be gardening, cleaning the garage or linen closet, bike riding, or sorting your magazines. We all have different activities that relax us.


Wanting to eliminate stress from your life is half of the battle of Stress Management. Take small steps and own some of these stress busters!

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