Food Baby Talk

Food Baby Talk, is a concept that is developed by Stephen Gullo, from "The Thin Commandments Diet" and he is so right on. This is one of my Top 10 Recommended Books!! He says that: If you have ever been faced with food cravings, or feelings of deprivation, and used any of these excuses: (Make sure you read this list in a whiny voice, so you get the full effect!)

  • But it’s my favorite!

  • It’s not fair that I can’t have it!

  • But I’ve been so good!

  • It’s my comfort!

  • It’s my treat!

  • I’ll reward myself!

Then: You might be guilty of food baby talk, which is a big problem for many of us. It causes us to ditch common sense and act like children, when food is around. We want our foods, no matter what the cost!

Many people can be highly successful in life, but still have this attitude with food. I love this concept because it’s funny, and kind of poking fun at us! It makes me laugh every time I think about one of the excuses. Food Baby Talk, that’s what I am doing! I believe this concept should be a light bulb moment for most of us. Yes, I am practicing talking like a baby, and I need to grow up!

I believe that one of the first steps that we need to take to lose weight, is to make a commitment to stop using baby talk, when talking about food. It is important to learn to think like an adult, and develop healthy diet habits, that promote healthy lifestyle solutions!

This video is long, (10 minutes) but very hilarious! The story is about a dietician's life, and a compilation of clients seen, and their wanting to lose weight, but their unwillingness to reduce calories eaten, or increase exercise to do so!

You can purchase "The Thin Commandments Diet", book from Stephen Gullo, below directly from It is one of my Top 10 Recommended Books!

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