Healthy Diet Habits For Kids

There are many healthy diet habits for kids that will help them to develop a healthy relationship with food. We live in a world full of overweight and obese children, many of whom will go on to become obese adults. None of us wants this for our kids! We are all highly concerned for our children's health, and should be just as concerned about our children's nutrition.

There are many Healthy Diet Habits and Lifestyle Solutions that we can model and teach our kids. A few of them are:

  • Flexibility: We are all different and enjoy different foods, but we can tolerate and accept each other and make small changes so everyone can be happy. I have a son that hates onions and celery, we leave them out. I have a son that hates ground turkey, we do not use it. We are all different! We should not force our kids to eat foods they dislike, because there are so many healthy foods. I hate tofu and its texture, and would hate to eat it! Respect your kids!

  • Eating without distraction: Mindless eating leads to overeating. We can teach our kids to eat at the table, not in front of the television, and not with a big bag of potato chips or cookies! Never!

  • Proper portion control: We can let them plate our meals and serve us and cue them to proper portions. They will learn quickly!

  • The half plate rule: This rule states that half of your plate should be full of fruits, salads and vegetables. Let them choose the salads, and fun veggies that they would love to try! Teach them creativity, which is not often taught in schools.

  • The 20 minute rule: This rule says it takes 20 minutes to know that our tummies are full, so we need to eat slowly. Dinner should be a family time of sharing, not just a rush to the next television marathon.

  • Hunger and fullness. Stop eating when you are full, and that it is okay to leave part of your meal.

  • Healthy snacking: Snacks are planned mini-meals at the table. Kids can be involved in shopping, and choosing their favorites.

  • Food labels: Understanding food labels, and how to spot extra sugar and chemicals. This will help our kids make good choices, and avoid health hazards.

  • Water is a great drink choice. Sugary drinks like sodas and sports drinks can lead to obesity.

  • Fresh real foods taste better than processed, or fast food. Our taste buds are influenced by what we feed them. If they are constantly fed junk, they will love junk, and if they are fed real foods, they will love real foods.


These are a few of the healthy diet habits for kids that are important for us to model to our kids, if we want them to develop a healthy relationship with food. Mom's are the gatekeeper of the family food life, and our kids will model our patterns of eating! Let’s make sure we are teaching our kids great food habits!

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